State prepares contingency plan for monkeypox after first diagnosis | Tocantins

Tocantins continues with only one confirmed case of monkeypox, but a contingency plan for the disease is being worked out by the State Department of Health. The document is expected to be released next week. Secretary Afonso Piva said that the State is prepared to serve patients.

The first case of the disease in the state was confirmed earlier this week. The man is a resident of Nazaré, in the region of Bico do Papagaio, and was discharged after completing the isolation and undergoing further tests demonstrating that he was no longer with the virus.

Monkeypox has been declared a global health emergency and more than 16,000 cases have been reported in 75 countries, according to the World Health Organization. In Brazil there are more than 800 confirmations.

Two technical notes were sent to the municipalities and the contingency plan should be published on August 1st. This Wednesday (27) the state secretary of health spoke as the state is preparing to fight the disease.

Researcher analyzing samples under a microscope — Photo: TV Anhanguera/Reproduction

“The state is having several conversations with the municipalities and a whole project so that, if it increases, we are prepared for the service, as well as the municipalities. If a strong wave comes, we are ready. The team is observing, all over Brazil is not having this significant increase, but if we observe this we will make new contingency plans”, explained the secretary Afonso Piva.

Even with no other suspected case or being investigated in Tocantins, infectious disease specialist Flávio Milagres explains that the population should be aware.

“A series of situations regarding this disease are still unknown, such as other forms of transmission, the sexual form is questioned, treatment issues are questioned. Today we do not have this vaccine against this virus available on the market. As we learned about Covid, our main action will be to prevent its transmission and spread. [do vírus] in our midst”, explained the doctor.

He also oriented on which forms of prevention. “Keeping the distance, avoiding close personal contact like kissing and hugging, I will be able to reduce the risk of exposure to this disease that is monkeypox”, he guided.

Image of a person infected with monkeypox — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

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