TIM opens up extra income opportunity for all of Brazil; citizens without experience can also work

TIM has an extra income opportunity through the TIM + Vendas app. Just last week, the operator reached the incredible milestone of 20,000 active resellers. In short, the platform allows interested parties to resell chips and recharges to other users. The initiative, in turn, has been available since April.

The good side of the initiative is that interested parties do not need to have experience in the telecommunications area. In addition, all procedures take place within the operator’s own app. Over the months, the application has become increasingly popular: on the 18th, there were 50,000 downloads and the inclusion of around 20,000 resellers.

Apart from the extra income, the plan is to offer users benefits to encourage the use of the TIM + Vendas app to recharge. That is, according to the company, customers who recharge with an application vendor earn twice as many tokens on TIM + Vantagens.

extra income opportunity
Extra Income Opportunity | Photo: Disclosure

How TIM’s extra income opportunity works

First, the user must download the TIM + Vendas application on their cell phone (available for iOS and Android). Then just register for free. In the help tab, the user also finds training to make sales, as well as some news.

As this is a reseller scheme, the user needs to buy the chips on the platform in order to sell them. There, you can find packages ranging from R$22 to R$117, with additional freight to deliver the chip to the dealer’s house. Thus, as expected, the values ​​are more affordable than buying the chip individually.

For example, the first package has three chips for R$22. In this sense, the reseller sells the card with top-up for R$17 and options without top-ups for R$10, accumulating around R$37. Therefore, the profit is approximately R$15. The same goes for refills. In addition, the reseller can check their profit and commission estimates within the app itself.

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How do payments work?

As the reseller needs to buy the chips in advance, there are two ways to pay: through the balance in the app or via pix. Furthermore, it is also possible to recharge the TIM + Vendas wallet, but using the Central Bank platform or through payment of slips.

Subsequently, after purchasing the chips, the rest of the transactions are handled by the reseller. In this way, the payments available are through pix, card (if you have a machine) or cash. Regarding the recharge, if the payment was in cash, it is necessary for the reseller to deduct the balance in the app’s wallet or send the amount via pix later.

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