Tramontina criticizes Proença and Carolina Ferraz for suing Globo

Presenter Carlos Tramontina, who recently left the staff of TV Globo, criticized former colleagues who left the station and started to criticize it, and named actresses Maitê Proença and Carolina Ferraz who, after being dismissed from the company, filed a lawsuit in search of labor rights.

During his participation in the “Flow Podcast”, Tramontina, when asked by Marcelo Tas about what he thinks of the people who detonate Globo after being fired, said that he was “very disappointed” and pointed out that it was hypocritical behavior, since many of those who today they criticize the company spent years there, and only now speak ill of the former employer.

“I was very disappointed. I think the following guy: you spent 20 years doing the business and served, now it’s no good? What hypocrisy is this?! I saw the two actresses, Maitê and Carolina, now suing Globo for labor rights, but when they were legal entities they paid less tax and now they want to recover their labor rights. [Elas] will they return to the IRS what they failed to collect? What is it? I think criticizing, evaluating the work, having a critical view of the work is part of it, but you say that the company you stayed at, that, that, that, now is no good is very strange”, he declared.

Then, Carlos Tramontina said that he does not personally know Carolina Ferraz and Maitê Proença, praised the talent of the two, but pointed out that he cited the famous due to the fact that the lawsuits filed by both became public.

“I didn’t have the joy of meeting them in person, wonderful actresses, but they are two examples that were publicly posted. I think it’s very strange, in this condition, after you’ve done it for a long time, then it’s not possible anymore. There are some people who I think are not satisfied with leaving Globo, being forced to leave Globo, because they consider themselves great, and they see it as unacceptable”, he added.

Actresses sue Globo

Actresses Carolina Ferraz and Maitê Proença left TV Globo in 2016, when the network began to cut its star cast. Now, the two artists have sued the company in the Labor Court.

Proença went to court against Globo in 2018 and asks for R$ 500 thousand in compensation. The artist asks for the recognition of labor rights and the employment relationship, since her contract was by PJ (Legal Entity) and not CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws).

Ferraz, who is also suing Globo and asking for compensation of R$7 million, was a witness for Maitê and, in her testimony, she said she did not have details on how Maitê and the broadcaster signed a contract, but stressed that, in her particular case, she was “obliged” by the broadcaster to sign a contract outside the CLT.

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