“Until 2025”; after the sale of Sara, São Paulo anticipates European harassment and is close to renewing with ‘Made In Cotia”

Sao Paulo

Tricolor Paulista has received polls by some of its athletes

Gabriel Sara was sold by São Paulo (Photo: Publicity/São Paulo FC)
Gabriel Sara was sold by São Paulo (Photo: Publicity/São Paulo FC)

O Sao Paulo is being one of the teams that is moving the most in the transfer market. The board hired Marcos Guilherme and Giuliano Galoppo, in addition to looking for more athletes, mainly for the defensive system. But, in addition to the search for reinforcements, some athletes are being negotiated.

Midfielder Gabriel Sara was sold to Norwich for around 11 million euros. Shortly before, Tiago Volpi and Marquinhos also had their departures confirmed. Emiliano Rigoni and Jonas Toró are very close to being traded to Austin FC and Panathinaikos, respectively. A defender revealed in Cotia draws the attention of Europe.

As informed by Bolavip Brasil in recent days, Benfica and Porto are interested in hiring defender Luizão. The youngster has a contract with Tricolor Paulista only until the beginning of February and was raised to the professional team with the “promise” of renewal.

So far, Benfica and Porto have only been polling and interested in Luizão. The idea would be to take advantage of the market opportunity (contract until the beginning of 2023), but the Portuguese were warned that shirt 32 has almost certain renewal. In this way, the player must sign his renewal until 2025 in the next few days. The defender is happy and wants the renewal.

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