Vasco has ‘trump card’ on decision to play at Maracanã; understand

Wednesday was good news for Vasco in relation to the dispute with Flamengo and Fluminense for the management of Maracanã. The notice that the State Government will publish this Thursday, combined with the most recent decision by the Court of Justice of Rio on the club’s right to use the stadium, may force a new round of talks between the three clubs about the future of complex.

The requirement of at least 70 matches in Maracanã per year, 54 valid for national or international competitions, makes the entry of a third team, at least with sporadic games in the stadium, necessary. Flamengo and Fluminense have already expressed their opposition to such a load of games, as it is harmful to the quality of the lawn.

Added to the number of matches required at Maracanã by the public notice is the fact that the Court of Justice of Rio has considered that Vasco does have the right to claim the holding of matches in the stadium, as long as it takes place on days when he is not being used.

The Maltese cross considers this an asset: with that, he will be able to go to court whenever he wants to play in Maracanã and Flamengo and Fluminense veto, if they continue as managers of the complex.

At the same time, as much as Vasco publicly expresses the desire to manage Maracanã alone, to enforce his right to play in the stadium, if necessary, the club understands that the most feasible scenario for him is a triple management, with Flamengo and Fluminense.

Therefore, after getting the merit in court, the order is to lower the temperature and try to reactivate the conversations with the boards of rival clubs.

Flamengo and Fluminense are trying different ways to reduce dependence on Maracanã: the red-black team talks about building their own stadium and the tricolor team, refurbishing Laranjeiras for games with up to 7,000 fans. Especially in the case of Flu, this would open a gap for the club to repeat the strategy that the Maltese cross aims at Maracanã, of taking only matches with great public appeal.

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