Vasco thrashes CRB and climbs the Brazilian Championship Series B table

Andrey was the big name in Vasco's victory over CRB, this Thursday (Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)

Andrey was the big name in Vasco’s victory over CRB, this Thursday (Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)

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Everything worked out for Vasco. The crowd supported him since before the start of the game, the first goal came early and Andrey shone. The midfielder scored twice, Raniel and Eguinaldo also did theirs and the Cruz-Maltino team beat CRB, this Thursday, 28, in São Januário, 4-0.

With the result, the home team returns to the second position of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, with 38 points. The next game is against Chapecoense, this Sunday, also at Colina Histórica.


The support of the crowd was rewarded after just three minutes of play, when Nene took a corner, Andrey opened the scoring and showed the crowd the new number on his back: the historic number eight. Three minutes later, Pec made a great play and rolled to Nene. But the midfielder, in an incredible way, sent the kick wide. At nine, Cruz-Maltino created new danger with Raniel, in a new move by Pec, finished without force by Raniel. The problem was the scares on the other side. Rafael Longuine, with 10 minutes, kicked hard, wide. At 17, it was Anselmo Ramon who took off a near-bike, which also passed with danger to Thiago Rodrigues.


The visiting team scared more and more. He even scored a goal when Luciano received from Anselmo Ramon dribbled the goalkeeper and returned it to the center forward. The tie, however, was annulled by Anselmo Ramon’s offside in the play. Better for Vasco, who extended the score in the 30th minute. Yuri Lara stole the ball from Anselmo himself, advanced, touched it to Raniel, who advanced further and kicked hard. There was still time, in the 45th minute, for Raul Prata to force the Cruz-Maltino goalkeeper to make a save in a movement similar to the volleyball headline.


The second stage started out busy. The modified CRB arrived in the Vasco area twice before six minutes of play, but did not take advantage of it, and Cruz-Maltino was lethal. At seven, Yuri Lara stole the ball in the attacking field, she stays with Raniel and Andrey is left with a cross kick. Second of the steering wheel in the game. Tranquility on the scoreboard.


On the field, the teams alternated at a less intense pace. CRB made the five changes before halfway through the final stage, while Vasco was cooking the game. The cheerleading party started early. And there was still time for Eguinaldo’s first goal as a professional. It was at 46, with a pass from Marlon Gomes. Two players from the under-20 team. The game ended with the interim coach Emílio Faro with the name sung by the crowd.



Date and time: 7/28/2022, at 7 pm

Place: São Januário Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)

Assistants: Jean Marcio dos Santos (RN) and Lorival Candido das Flores (RN)

VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (VAR-FIFA/SP)

Paying audience: 18,783 people

Present audience: 19,997 people

Income: BRL 484,920.00

Yellow Cards: Palaces (VAS); Gilvan, Reginaldo, Daniel Paulista, Yago (CRB)

Red Cards: there was not

goals: Andrey, 3’/1ºT (1-0); Raniel, 30’/2°T (2-0); Andrey, 7’/2nd T (3-0) and Eguinaldo, 46’/2nd T (4-0)

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues, Léo Matos, Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar (Luiz Henrique, 43’/2ºT); Yuri Lara, Andrey and Nene (Palacios, 27’/2ºT); Figueiredo (Marlon Gomes, 36’/2ºT), Raniel (Eguinaldo, 27’/2ºT) and Gabriel Pec (MT, 43’/2ºT) – Technician: Emilio Faro.

CRB: Diogo Silva, Reginaldo, Wellington Carvalho, Gilvan (Diego Ivo, 8’/2nd) and Raul Praia; Yago, Wallace (Uillian Correia, Interval) and Rafael Longuine (David Brall, 23’/2ºT); Fabinho, Anselmo Ramon (Gabriel Conceição, 23’/2ºT) and Emerson (Paulinho Mocelin, Halftime) – Technician: Daniel Paulista.

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