Vasco wins CRB with two of Andrey and returns to the runner-up of Serie B

Under the command of the interim Emílio Faro, Vasco won again on a night with brilliant midfielder Andrey and returned to second place in the Brazilian Series B. In São Januário, the Cruz-Maltina team thrashed CRB 4-0, with two goals from shirt 8, while Raniel and Eguinaldo completed the marker.

With the result, Vasco reached 38 points, seven behind the leader Cruzeiro. CRB, in turn, remains with 28, occupying the middle of the table.

This was the first game of the Cruz-Maltino team after the departure of coach Mauricio Souza, who was fired last Sunday, after a defeat to lantern Vila Nova. The club is still on the market looking for a replacement.

In the next round, Vasco will face Chapecoense, in São Januário, in a duel that could mark the re-debut of Alex Teixeira. The Maceió team receives Ponte Preta.

Who did well – Andrey

Shirt 8 had an outstanding performance at Colina and became the name of the victory. Author of two goals, he was also good in the tackles and articulations of the plays. Raniel also performed commendably.

Who was wrong – Gilvan

The defender had a more modest performance overnight and dozed off in the bid that generated Vasco’s third goal, which changed the panorama amid a busy start to the second half.

It came back and it was important

Barred by coach Mauricio Souza in the match against Vila Nova, midfielder Yuri returned to the starting lineup under the command of interim Emílio Faro and had a good performance, playing an important role in the bids that generated the second and third goals for the Maltese cross.

Vasco’s performance

Emílio Faro, who occupies the position of coach on an interim basis, designed the starting lineup with right-back Léo Matos and midfielder Yuri, and kept the base he had been working on. The team started well, put pressure on the opponent, and opened the scoring. Shortly after, it almost enlarged. Gradually, however, he slowed down a little and left some spaces for the opponent.

On the return of the break, he made an “exchange” with CRB, at a time when both teams had chances and the game was moving. However, again in the first minutes, Andrey swung the net and brought even greater tranquility to Faro’s men. The team still points out some errors in the defensive system, but it was safer than in previous rounds.

CRB performance

CRB started the duel a little cornered and struggling to get the ball out. However, after the opening straight, he managed to balance the actions and create chances, especially in the advances in speed – he rocked the net, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

The visitors returned to the final stage connected and got to scare, but soon Vasco made the third and CRB reduced the impetus, closing a little more and trying more vertical connections, but found difficulties in the construction. At a certain point, he demonstrated that he no longer had as many strengths to “compete” in the game.


Goal early

Vasco opened the scoring at the beginning of the match. After Nenê’s corner kick, Andrey, who started to wear the number 8 shirt, went up without marking and, with his head, sent him to the back of the net.

almost the second

The crowd was still celebrating the first goal when Pec made a good move and found Nenê free in the area, but shirt 10 sent it out.

goal disallowed

After the initial pressure from Vasco, the CRB, little by little, managed to balance the actions. After a good missed opportunity, coach Daniel Paulista’s team managed to swing the net, but the goal was disallowed. Luciano, who assists Anselmo Ramon, was in an irregular position.


The Maltese Crosses celebrate in a double dose. On the one hand, the goal was disallowed and, soon after, in a play in which Yuri was providential, Raniel advanced and hit to score Vasco’s second.

hectic restart

At the return of the break, the two teams came back together and the match was busy, with chances on both sides.

him again

Still in the first minutes, Vasco reached the third. After Raniel split, the ball was live in the area, the CRB defense dozed off and Anrey took advantage. The midfielder advanced and hit cross to make his second of the game and the third of the team.

With the advantage on the scoreboard, Vasco began to exchange more passes and try to “close” the opponent. CRB was looking for space to infiltrate the Cruz-Maltina defense and almost decreased with Paulinho Moccelin, who received the back of the defense and headed out.


Diego Ivo, who replaced Gilvan, signaled a muscle problem in his left thigh, but CRB had already made five substitutions. He even took a few minutes out of the game to receive an attendance at the edge of the lawn. The defender returned, but began to act in the attack. From then on, visitors were practically one less.

goal at the end

In the final minutes, the young Eguinaldo, a highlight of the under-20, scored the fourth. It was his first professional goal.



Competition: Serie B of the Brazilian Championship – 21st round
Place: São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Date and time: July 28, 2022, Thursday, at 19:00 (Brasília time)
Referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)
assistants: Jean Marcio dos Santos (RN) and Lorival Candido das Flores (RN)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (VAR-Fifa/SP)
yellow cards: Palaces (VAS); Daniel Paulista (technician), Yago, Gilvan, Reginaldo (CRB)
goals: Andrey, from Vasco, at 3’/1ºT; Raniel, from Vasco, at 30’/1ºT; Andrey, from Vasco, at 6’/2nd; Eguinaldo, from Vasco, at 46’/2nd

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Léo Matos and Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar (Luiz Henrique); Yuri Lara and Andrey dos Santos and Nenê (Palacios); Figueiredo (Marlon Gomes), Raniel (Eguinaldo) and Gabriel Pec (MT). Technician: Emílio Faro (interim)

CRB: Diogo Silva; Reginaldo, Wellington Carvalho, Gilvan (Diego Ivo) and Raul Prata; Yago, Wallace (Uillian Correia) and Rafael Longuine (David Brall); Fabinho, Anselmo Ramon (Gabriel Conceição) and Emerson Negueba (Paulinho Moccelin). Technician: Daniel Paulista

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