Vasco’s players’ notes in the match against CRB

Thiago Rodrigues [GOL] – Little required, showed security when needed. Luckily, when he had a disagreement with Anderson Conceição over a lack of communication, CRB’s goal was disallowed. Note: 5.5

Leo Matos [LAD] – He was the biggest stealer of the team next to Yuri, both with six steals. He still needs to do more at crosses. Note: 6

Quintero [ZAG] – Faced with an opponent who demanded little, he was safe in defense and did not compromise. Note: 6

Anderson Conceição [ZAG] – Also very safe, especially in the air balls, but wavered in the disallowed goal of the CRB. Note: 5.5

edimar [LAE] – He stuck to his defensive role this Thursday and went up a little on the attack. He left the field much applauded by the crowd. Note: 5.5

Yuri Lara [VOL] – He stole six balls in the game, two of them ended with Vasco’s goals: Raniel’s and Andrey’s second. Great acting. Note: 7

Andrey Santos [VOL] – Best player of the match, he scored the second and third goals as a professional. He was responsible for leading Vasco to attack, always with a lot of maturity, and showed a recital of passes, dribbles and precise decisions. Note: 8

baby [MEI] – Out of tune with the others, he had a poor performance and left the field in the second half with nine incomplete passes. On the other hand, he took the corner for Andrey’s goal. Note: 4.5

Figueiredo [ATA] – Participated in Andrey’s header, when he disturbed the marker inside the area. Other than that, he had a modest performance in the victory. Note: 5.5

Gabriel Pec [ATA] – Created two great chances at the beginning of the game, but Nenê and Raniel missed them. He fulfilled his defensive role well and also appeared in attack. Note: 6

raniel [ATA] – Was Vasco’s player who finished the most (4) and received the most fouls (4) in the match. He moved a lot outside the area and scored a beautiful left-handed goal, the team’s second in the game. Note: 7


Eguinaldo [ATA] – In 20 minutes on the field, he stole a ball and finished three times, including the goal, at the end. He had his name shouted by the crowd and he was very emotional at the end of the match. Note: 6.5

palaces [MEI] – He was on the field for a short time, but he hit most of the passes. It’s always a good option for the second half. Note: 5.5

Marlon Gomes [MEI] – He started at a thousand per hour and started the play that ended with Eguinaldo’s goal. Good performance despite the short time. Note: 6

Luiz Henrique [MEI] – No grade.

MT [MEI] – No grade.

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