Video. Ângelo Antônio on castration in Pantanal: “I suffered with that”

The remake of the soap opera Pantanal, which has been on the air on Globo since March 28, causes anxiety in an audience that is waiting for striking scenes from the original version of the feuilleton, broadcast in 1990 by the extinct TV Manchete. The castration of Alcides is one of the most awaited moments by viewers, who want to see how Bruno Luperi will deal with the sensitive topic in the new version.

Watch the full interview with Ângelo Antônio:

in conversation with the metropolisesthe actor Ângelo Antônio, who played the pawn in the original version, stated that he “suffered along with Brazil” with the castration scene of Alcides and said that he considers the moment important for the construction of the character, today lived by Juliano Cazarré.

At this point in his career, Ângelo Antônio stars as photographer Alex in the monologue Um Precipício no Mar, defined by The Guardian as “one of the most devastating 60 minutes you are likely to experience in theater”.

“At the time, I remember it was a shock when I saw that scene. We were in the studio to record another scene, nobody believed that. I wish there hadn’t been that, I didn’t want that to have happened at all. I suffered from that, I think the whole of Brazil suffered.”

“For the character, for the story, it is remarkable [a cena de castração]. It would be nice if it had, I think it would be good to take that risk again, to throw the character into that sadness again. Brazil kind of stopped with that, it seems that people were all at home watching that scene. It’s nice that you have. If I were to go back to that time I would rather not have it, but for all that has happened, today looking back it was worth it”, added the actor.

In the first version of the novel, Tenório decides to “capar” Alcides after discovering that his beloved, Maria Bruaca, has betrayed him with his henchman. Considered heavy, the scene written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa shocked TV Manchete viewers and became news in the newspapers of the time.


A Precipice in the Sea

The play, which premiered at Sesc Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, on July 7, follows the story of Alex, who visits his father-in-law at his beach house for a holiday with his wife and young daughter, as he does every year. . But the light that flickers on the surface doesn’t show the abyss that lies beneath.

In the conversation, Ângelo commented on his preparation for the role, which had an accident on the set. A few days before the premiere of the monologue, the actor fell from a height of about 40 centimeters and fractured two ribs.

He also gave details about his character in the new Globo soap opera, written by João Emanuel Carneiro, Todas as Flores. In the plot, the actor will live a “bad guy” alongside Regina Casé.

Watch the full interview with Ângelo Antônio:

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