Want to live longer? Learn about some Japanese habits that can help you

Not everyone knows, but the Japan It is a country with extremely high life expectancy and extremely low mortality rates. According to experts, this occurs due to various habits ranging from food to education. In fact, many of them you can adopt in any country you are. Because of this, we list some Japanese habits that can help you live longer.

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Physical activity

Physical activity is common in several countries of the world and brings many benefits to the population. However, it is interesting to realize how much it is inserted in the daily life of the Japanese, especially because gyms are not so popular in the land of the rising sun. In fact, they prefer to go for a walk or run daily, which is great when it comes to longevity.


It is not new that teas are known to be excellent for the health of those who consume them, in addition to having several properties, which may vary according to the chosen ingredient. In the case of the Japanese, they love green tea, so much so that they stand out among the top 10 consumers in the world. According to experts, it is excellent for reducing the risk of heart disease and increasing energy levels.


When it comes to rice, you can’t help but remember Asia, especially Japan. Its population, which historically consumes millions of tons of this food annually, receives a series of advantages, such as a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Because of this, it ends up becoming an excellent alternative to wheat-based foods.


Seaweeds are indispensable in the Japanese diet, especially as they have existed in their culture for centuries. According to researchers, they offer a number of antioxidant properties and even vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, they play an important role in the body in warding off some chronic diseases, such as cancer.

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