What happened to Arthur Aguiar? Actor reveals reason for absence from awards and surprises

Last Wednesday (27) actor Arthur Aguiar commented on his absence from the MTV awards, entitled “MTV Meow“. The event was attended by several artists who were competing for awards in different categories and, however, the BBB 22 champion was not present at the venue.

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At the time, Arthur justified what happened and explained that he ended up missing the date of the event. However, Aguiar apologized to fans who voted for him to win a trophy and highlighted that he had no intention of missing the venue.

“I want to talk to you about something. […] Maíra and I went to dinner and in the middle of dinner, we realized that we missed the event, the MTV awards [MTV Miaw]. Man, how crazy! We mixed up the dates, we thought it was another date and it was today. I’m here to apologize to all the people who voted, who dedicated themselves, who did everything to make me win this award. I want to apologize for not having gone, not having attended to be part of the awards. It wasn’t a lack of will, it was simply a confusion of dates”, he said.

Maíra Cardi gets angry with Paulo André

This Thursday afternoon (28), Arthur Aguiar’s wife, Maíra Cardi, disapproved of former BBB Paulo André’s statement regarding her friendship with the actor. The two became close during BBB 22, but distanced themselves after the end of confinement.

At the time, she contradicted the athlete’s statement in an interview with a podcast, where he highlighted that he would have talked to the artist and even the guest for his birthday. However, according to her, the information is not.

“He sent the phone and you didn’t even call. Although I don’t have a camera in my life, because it’s not Big Brother, we’ll tell you, okay? Don’t be silent,” he said.

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