Will William Bonner mediate debate at Globo?

William Bonner has already beaten the hammer and decided whether or not he wants to mediate the electoral debate of the presidential candidates in the 2022 elections. , the head of Jornal Nacional informed Globo that up to continue in office, at least this year.

O OnScreen had already exclusively mentioned that the journalist intended to withdraw from the debate due to the wear and tear he suffered in his private life in 2018 with attacks and fake news. Even so, Globo had been insisting to keep him in office and finally Bonner waved positively to continue as mediator of the meeting between the presidential candidates in the first and second rounds.

Sought, Globo’s press office confirmed that William Bonner will mediate the debate in the first round, which will take place on September 29. In addition, the channel also informed that it will maintain the meeting between the candidates, regardless of the presence of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and Jair Bolsonaro (PL). With that, there is a chance for the journalist to meet the current president, who has already made several attacks against him.

But this will not be the only possible meeting between Bonner with Lula and Bolsonaro, as the two leaders in the most recent polls intend to participate in the Jornal Nacional’s Saturday meeting, scheduled to take place in mid-August with the main presidential candidates. In this case, in addition to the journalist, the program’s head, Renata Vasconcellos, who will gain prominence in the journalistic coverage of the campaign, will also be part of the bench.

William Bonner at Election 2022


Bonner had communicated to Globo’s journalism department that he was tired of the daily work and that he felt very attacked in the 2018 elections, when he was one of the targets of a series of fake news and has even stated that he was forced to move away from social networks and he even stayed home for fear of what could happen to him and his family because of the tension. The interview with Bolsonaro in the JN was considered one of the most tense in history and generated apprehension even from directors of the group.

In view of this, the journalist stated that he did not intend to mediate the electoral debate between the candidates, but his option was never accepted by the management of the station, which considers his name fundamental to the structure of electoral coverage. In view of this, the channel began to seek alternatives to convince its main star in the area to follow in a moment considered delicate and, at the same time, important. The broad defense of professional journalism and democracy was what convinced Bonner, according to sources heard by the report, to continue in this role, at least for now.

This, however, should be the last election in which he will be at the head of Globo’s electoral debates and the top journalists have already been informed of this, as a condition for accepting to continue. Even so, all efforts are focused on working on this debate, which everyone at the station considers to be very difficult and requires a complex organization and no one intends to talk about the next step, as there is a lot of ground for the next four years.

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