With worsening GDP in the US, currency drops 1.67% and stands at R$ 5,163

With the fall of 0.9% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the United States in the 2nd quarter, the commercial dollar fell 1.67% today and closed the day quoted at R$ 5.163. With that, this is the fourth session of falling currency.

As this is the second straight quarter of a decline in goods and services produced, fears of a recession in the US economy are growing. The market considers the status of technical recession, a term that is not used by the government of Joe Biden, who rejects, with other economic data, a recession at the moment.

After the repercussion of the released data, Biden said he was not surprised by the slowdown in the US economy, but argued that the country is on the “right path” and will make the transition to a more sustainable growth model.

“Following historic economic growth — recovering all private sector jobs lost during the pandemic — we knew the economy would slow as the Fed acted on inflation,” he wrote on social media.

In addition, the market is still digesting the announcement made yesterday by the Central Bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, to raise the interest rate by 0.75 percentage point.

The dollar value disclosed daily by the press, including the UOL, refers to the commercial dollar. For those who are going to travel and need to buy currency at exchange brokers, the value is much higher.

Ibovespa closes higher

On the other hand, the Ibovespa, the main index of B3, the São Paulo Stock Exchange, rose in session of today. The stock exchange closed the trading session with a rise of 1.14%, 102,596.66 spots.

The stock market’s appreciation was mainly driven by the growth of Qualicorp’s shares (QUAL3), which registered 7.65% at the close of trading. Natura (NTCO3), Petz (PETZ3) and Hapvida (HAPV3) were also the positive highlights of the day.

In the monthly variation, the Stock Exchange rose 4.11%. In the annual, the variation was 2.12% negative.

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