“Worst day of my life”


The singer used his official Twitter profile to vent to his followers

left photo  (Murilo Huff's official Instagram).  photo right  (Official Instagram of Marília Menonça).
left photo (Murilo Huff’s official Instagram). photo right (Official Instagram of Marília Menonça).

Murilo Huff and Marília Mendonça returned to the subject on the morning of this Friday (29). After months of the tragic accident that caused the death of the singer, many fans still miss the eternal “Queen of Sofrencia”, as the artist was known.

Through his official Twitter profile, Murilo, with whom the countryman had a child, asked Internet users not to post more videos from the singer’s wake. As the singer also explained, remembering the moment is very painful for him, since it was the day he said goodbye to his beloved.

“Class, I know you don’t mean any harm, but I would like to ask the fan clubs to stop posting videos of me from the day of Marilia’s wake. It was the worst day of my life, and every time I see it I remember it and I don’t It’s cool. Feel free to post videos of our good times”said the sertanejo.

Recently, the singer surprised netizens by sharing a photo with his son. The publication “melted the web” and the boy received several accolades. Since Marília’s death, Murilo has shared custody of the child with his former mother-in-law, the singer’s mother.

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