Accumulated! This Saturday’s Mega-Sena prize will be R$ 22 million

posted on 07/29/2022 06:00

Paulo Cézar, 48, resident of Águas Claras, was one of those who decided to try his luck - (credit: Carlos Silva*/CB/DAPress)

Paulo Cézar, 48, resident of Águas Claras, was one of those who decided to try his luck – (credit: Carlos Silva*/CB/DAPress)

The brasilienses are running to the lottery houses in the capital! This is because the Mega-Sena prize accumulated, with an estimate of reaching R$ 22 million. The draw for the 2505 contest will take place tomorrow at 8 pm at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in São Paulo, with a live broadcast on Caixa’s social networks. Bets can be placed until 7pm on the day of the draw.

In the last draw, 39 lucky ones took the prize of R$?46,871.70 from the corner. The Brasilia gamblers weren’t so lucky, getting only the court. Of the 2,885 games awarded, 75 were played in the capital, taking the prize pool of R$ 905.17.

Expectation to win

Yesterday morning, in the lottery at the bus station, many gamblers took advantage of the passage through the terminal to do that little feat. Paulo Cézar, 48 years old, resident of Águas Claras, was one of those who decided to try his luck. He bets weekly and with the accumulation of the prize the plans have increased. “I plan to pay my debts, help some close people and travel,” he plans.

Carlito Campos, 53, also took advantage of his trip to work to bet. The resident of Samambaia does not play often, only when the draw accumulates. Even without superstition, Campos has reliable numbers, in which he always plays. Like Paulo, Carlito has high expectations. “I intend to retire and get some rest,” he dreams.

Where to apply?

With the right guidance, it is possible to make what was good become even better. According to Riezo Almeida, professor and coordinator of the Economic Sciences course at the IESB University Center, winners who are not used to investing can find a safe haven in investments that yield returns linked to inflation, for example: Direct Treasury IPCA or investment fund linked to inflation . “With this, the investor has his return and does not lose purchasing power with the increase in inflation”, he explains.

However, the expert warns that it is important to have planning when investing. Another bet to be made is diversification. “Having a diversified investment portfolio and seeking safer opportunities, with a history of success, is the recommendation at this moment of joy in winning the award”, he concludes.

How to bet?

Those who want to play at Mega-Sena can place bets through lottery houses, through the portal or application Loterias Caixa. The player can choose from six to 15 numbers on the card. If you don’t want to choose the numbers, the player can also let the system choose the tens (surprise) or compete with the same bet for 2, 4 or 8 consecutive draws (stubborn).

The minimum bet value (six numbers) is BRL 4.50. However, the more numbers the bettor chooses, the greater the value of the bet, as well as the probability of winning. Seven numbers cost BRL 31.50 and have 50,063,860 chances in 1 to win. Already 15 numbers, the maximum amount, cost R$ 22,522.50, but with 10,003 chances in 1 to win.

Prizes with a net value of up to R$1,332.78 can be received at Caixa branches or transferred to Mercado Pago. Values ​​greater than R$ 1,903.98 only in Caixa branches. It is also important to remember that amounts equal to or greater than BRL 10,000 can be received at Caixa branches, with a payment term of two business days.

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by Marcia Machado

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