Alexandre Frota opens the game, comments on the Daniella Perez case and vents


The actor decided to remember the past and commented on the case of Daniella Perez

Reproduction/Official Instagram of Alexandre Frota - Frota poses for social networks.
Reproduction/Official Instagram of Alexandre Frota – Frota poses for social networks.

recently the HBO Max premiered a documentary on the case of the murder of Daniella Perez. In one of the episodes of “Brutal Pact: The Assassination of Daniella Perez”, it is revealed that the role played by Guilherme de Padua, one of those responsible for murdering Gloria Perez’s daughter, would initially be given to Alexandra Frota.

As the actor was unable to be part of the soap opera due to scheduling conflicts, Guilherme ended up taking on the role and, some time later, committing the crime with his wife, Paula Thomaz. In an interview with journalist Fernanda Talarico, from Splash UOL, Frota regretted not having participated in the soap opera and said that the crime might not happen if the situation were different.

“I always tell people: if I had made the soap opera, the story would have been different. Daniella would be alive and none of this would have happened. Unfortunately, several facts occurred and Guilherme ended up playing this character and committing this brutal crime, this murder that to this day we cannot accept.”said Alexandre Frota.

At the time, Alexandre could not live the role in De Corpo e Alma” as he was already working on “Perigosas Peruas”, a telenovela directed by Carlos Lombardi. He recalled that the director of the soap opera did not release him to the plot of Gloria Perez, but nowadays their relationship is good: “We had a friction, but today we are fine. We had dinner together, we hugged each other. But at the time, he did it out of retaliation: he didn’t let me play the character of Bira.”.

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