AUXÍLIO BRASIL AUGUST: Installments of R$ 600 released. Find out who receives and see the OFFICIAL CALENDAR 2022

The PEC that increases the Aid Brazil amount in R$200 (from R$400 to R$600) still continues to generate doubts among the beneficiaries of the program. One of them concerns when, in fact, the values will increase.

At the outset, it is important to point out that the Brazil aid (also called Family Scholarship 2022) was changed and, because of that, the payments, which will already have the increase, will be brought forward. The Ministry of Citizenship has already confirmed the information and revealed the payment schedule.

according to the new calendar of payments of Brazil Aid of BRL 600, program money will begin to be distributed on August 9th. The benefit with this amount extends until December.

Check out the full calendar below. Brazil Aid of R$600which will begin to be paid in August:


  • NIS ending in 1 – Received on August 9;
  • NIS ending in 2 – Receives August 10th;
  • NIS ending in 3 – Receives August 11;
  • NIS ending on 4 – Received on August 12;
  • NIS ending on 5 – Received on August 15;
  • NIS ended on 6 – Receives on August 16;
  • NIS ending on 7 – Receives on August 17;
  • NIS ending on 8 – Receives on August 18;
  • NIS ended on 9 – Receives on August 19;
  • NIS ending in 0 – Received on August 22nd.


Through the ordinance published in the “Official Gazette” on July 20, Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries will receive an additional R$ 200 in their monthly fees between the months of August and December of this year.

The forecast of public expenditure for the payment of the Brazil aid worth R$ 600 is R$ 26 billion. In addition, the gas voucher should also increase from R$60 to R$120 every two months, increasing the program’s costs by more than R$1 billion.

Brazil Aid payment inquiry

By phone

  • The beneficiary can call the Ministry of Citizenship’s telephone number 121;
  • In addition, the beneficiary can also call the Caixa service center, by phone 111.

by apps

  • First, in the Auxílio Brasil app (available for free download for Android and iOS);
  • Finally, in the Caixa Tem app (available for free download for Android and iOS).

Who receives the BRAZIL AID OF R$600 in AUGUST?

There are three possibilities for receiving Aid Brazil:

  • If you already had Bolsa Família: Auxílio Brasil will be paid automatically;
  • If you are on CadÚnico, but did not receive Bolsa Família: go to the reserve list;
  • If you are not on CadÚnico: you must seek a CRAS for registration, without guarantee of receiving.

The Auxílio Brasil of R$600 for the month of August will be allocated to families in extreme poverty. Families in poverty can also receive, as long as they have, among their members, pregnant women or people under the age of 21.

Families in extreme poverty are those with a monthly per capita family income of up to R$105. Those in poverty have a monthly per capita family income of between R$105.01 and R$210.

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