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She is admitted to the Odilon Behrens Hospital (photo: PBH/Disclosure)

A 56-year-old woman had to be rushed to the Odilon Behrens Hospital, in Belo Horizonte, after undergoing plastic surgery this Wednesday (7/27).

Information from the account that Fabola Corra da Silva performed the procedure at Hospital da Plstica Contorno, located in Lourdes. She underwent lipoabdominolasty and the reason for the rescue may be related to medical errors.

According to the Hospital da Plstica, the place offers a surgical block rental service for these aesthetic procedures, however, all responsibility is on the patient of the doctor responsible for the surgery.

The city of Belo Horizonte (PBH), through the Municipal Health Department (SMS), said that “information about the treatment performed is clarified to family members during the medical bulletin, during visiting hours. The medical record is confidential data that can only be removed by the patient or by a legal representative who has a power of attorney authorizing access to the data”.

It was found by the Department that the place has a health permit, which was in the process of being renewed, and that the surgical procedure is listed among the services offered at the clinic.

In a statement, Hospital da Plstica explained what had happened. Check it out in full:

“The Hospital da Plstica Contorno day hospital, a qualified hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure, specialist in plastic surgeries, hereby expresses its opinion on what happened as a result of the Lipoabdominoplasty plastic surgery, performed on 07/27/2022 in the patient FABOLA CORRA DA SILVA in her premises.

The patient was admitted to the operating room on 07/27/2022, in the morning. The surgery ended on the same day in the afternoon, without any complications, as well as in the immediate and late postoperative period. When the surgical complication was observed in the patient, her family members were immediately informed through her husband, at which time the patient was referred to the Odilon Behrens Hospital by ambulance – mobile ICU, with all equipment and professionals, accompanied by the responsible physician and anesthesiologist who performed the surgery. During the entire journey, the patient was stable and her health, safety and zeal were preserved.

The patient was admitted to the aforementioned Hospital and remained under the medical care of the professionals of that hospital, at which time the plastic surgeon followed the patient throughout the entire time and until this moment has carefully observed her evolution.

The entire team at Hospital da Plstica Contorno, together with the plastic surgeon, provided assistance to the patient, before, during and after the surgery performed, with the usual safety and zeal.

It should be noted that the Hospital da Plstica Contorno provides the service of leasing the surgical block, providing equipment, instruments and other apparatus for plastic surgeons to perform their surgeries. In addition, it performs strict control of hospital infection and is equipped with all sanitary documentation, municipal, state and federal.

We emphasize that we are in continuous contact with the Odilon Behrens Hospital to update the information on the patient’s medical condition, at which time we will manifest later with greater wealth of information, respecting the patient’s confidential data.”

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