Bookmakers put Cruzeiro favorite against Brusque in Serie B – Betting Tips

In the turn, Cruzeiro scored at the end and beat Brusque at Mineir
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In the turn, Cruzeiro scored at the end and beat Brusque in Mineiro

Cruzeiro is considered the favorite by bookmakers for the duel against Brusque, this Saturday, at 11 am, at the Augusto Bauer stadium, in Brusque-SC, valid for the 21st round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. O supersports made a survey of the main quotations.

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THE puts Cruzeiro’s odds at 2.22, while Brusque’s win pays 3.51 (tie is at 2.79). Other interesting options are the Raposa handicap -0.25, with odds of 1.87, and under 2, 2.5 goals, at 1.53.

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At bet 365, quotes are better for all outcome options. The celestial victory is at odds of 2.31, while Brusque has an odds of 3.85. A tie pays 3.00.

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At Sportingbet, the quotes are lower, but Cruzeiro remains the favorite. Raposa’s odd is 2.20, against 3.40 for the home team. The tie is at 2.87.

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THE pinnacle there are good odds for the game. The house pays 3.73 at Brusque, 3.01 at a tie and 2.31 at Cruzeiro.

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Finally, the quotes from the rival: 3.52 in Brusque, 2.24 in Cruzeiro and 2.95 in a tie.

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Supersports tip

Assessing the favoritism of Cruzeiro against Brusque, the supersports indicates the following entry for the match: handicap -0.25 on Cruzeiro (in case of a tie, refund of half of the amount invested).

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