Bruna Louise says she received a proposal of R$ 3 million for sex: “It’s not worth it”

posted on 7/29/2022 5:22 PM / updated on 7/29/2022 5:26 PM

  (credit: Fábio Augusto/Disclosure)

(credit: Fábio Augusto/Disclosure)

Comedian Bruna Louise, 37, the first woman in Brazil to have a stand-up show on Netflix, told during an interview with the podcast Ticaracaticastcommanded by Marcos Chiesa Bola and Marvio Lucio Carioca, who received a millionaire sexual proposal from a follower.

Bruna Louise reported that the admirer offered R$ 3 million to have sex with her, but he did not accept it because he would throw his “ruler there” on top, and would start to question how he will “give it for free” after this proposal.

“There’s crazy for everything. There’s a guy on Instagram that he offered me R$ 3 million to have sex with me. I answered him and wanted to know: ‘For God’s sake, is it R$ 3 million or is it real estate bank money?’. he: ‘Bruna, it’s real, I’m not here to offend you’. I said: ‘my son, R$ 3 million doesn’t offend anyone'”, he began.

“Guys, R$ 3 million isn’t even prostitution, it’s a coup, really. And I can’t say to this man that it’s not worth, putting together all the little holes I have, it’s not worth, there’s no performance, I’m not that transarina there” , he added.

Bruna also said that all the people she told the story to advised her to accept the proposal.

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