Bugs Bunny will be less powerful in Multiversus

Player First Games has confirmed that it is preparing changes to Multiversus to make Bugs Bunny less powerful, something that will be implemented in a future update.

Tony Huynh, director of this Super Smash Warner Bros Ultimate, has been very active on Twitter responding to fans and explaining what the team is doing to introduce corrections or adjustments in future updates.

In response to a comment about Bugs Bunny, Huynh confirmed that after the EVO, which takes place between the 5th and 7th of August, an update will be implemented that will make Bugs’ abilities less powerful, but ensure that it will continue to be fun to play with the famous Bunny.

In the most recent update, Player First Games has modified Batman’s Grapple, Steve Nair’s recoil, and Iron Giant’s special, as part of ongoing efforts to respond to feedback from the Multiversus community.

The Warner Bros Games game has been available since July 26 as a free-to-play title (you can buy editions with extras or digital currency for skins and cosmetics) and has already broken activity records on platforms like Steam.

If early access registered more than 60,000 players simultaneously, the current open beta phase has already reached more than 145,000 players playing Multiversus at the same time.

The use of the name open beta may create some confusion and Warner Bros. ensures that your progress will continue when they reach the final version, effectively dealing with the game’s launch and with support for Trophies or Achievements.

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