Caio Castro responds to criticism about the controversy of paying the bill at dinner

posted on 07/29/2022 10:58

  (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @caiocastro)

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @caiocastro)

Actor Caio Castro used social media this Thursday (29/7) to respond to criticism about the statement he made in relation to the man having to pay the bill at a romantic dinner. The actor had said that the feeling of being forced to pay the bill on a date bothered him.

“What’s the difference between paying the bill and having to pay the bill? It bothers me a lot this feeling of having to support, having to pay… I don’t have to do shit. I make a point of calling you for dinner, I go to the bathroom, I’ve already paid the bill… It’s not enough, it’s already solved… Now he asked for the bill and he didn’t move and he never asked, as if I had this role? You’re not my daughter”, he said.

After being harshly criticized for his speech, Caio Castro made a post on Instagram stating that he was misunderstood.

“Not being able to understand a speech demonstrates the presence of an error; understanding it, but misrepresenting it, demonstrates the absence of honesty. speaks, to see if, this time, they don’t repeat the misunderstanding: ‘There’s a difference between paying the bill and HAVING to pay; the feeling of HAVING to support, HAVING to pay’ bothers me. pay. Whoever invents something else is because they didn’t focus on sincerity. Paying for dinner, lunch, snack, by will, is perfectly healthy; unhealthy is, in fact, feeding the lie. To those who understood, in fact, wrong, I ask that, kindly examine your speech. To those who purposely spread lies I ask that you kindly examine your conscience,” he wrote.


After the controversial speech, celebrities spoke out on the subject on social media. Deolane Bezerra was one of them, sending a hint. “If it’s bad for me, imagine for those who think that paying for dinner is supporting a woman, it helps, right?”, she joked.

Jojo Todynho was more direct, advising the followers to value themselves and take ‘Caios’ out of their lives.

“Women, message of the day: work, study, value yourself and get ‘Caios’ out of your life. In fact, don’t even let it in. I speak with propriety”, she said in an excerpt of the video posted on Instagram.

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