“Can we go back to being friends?”


Sisters will make peace after Violet finds out that Matias killed Elisa

Beyond the Illusion: After discovery of betrayal, Violeta forgives Heloísa
© Images 1 and 2: Reproduction/TV GloboBeyond the Illusion: After discovery of betrayal, Violeta forgives Heloísa

the final stretch of Beyond the Illusion is close and the characters are starting to take the final turn of their plots. After the relationship of Violeta (Malu Galli) and Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) get shuddered, the sisters will make peace and will be friends again as throughout the soap opera.

The scene will take place after the mother of the family discovers that Matias (Antonio Calloni) killed his own daughter, Elisa (Larissa Manuela). Completely shattered, the mother of Isadora (Larissa Manuela) will talk to the sister: “I am destroyed. And also embarrassed. How did I not notice, Heloísa? How could I not see who Matias really was? There were so many signs! Why didn’t I believe you?“, will say.

Heloísa will sympathize with Violeta, calming her down: “Because she has a heart of gold and believes that whoever loves is like you, incapable of being cruel. Forgive me for being disloyal to you, my sister. I have already paid so dearly for my mistake”, she will ask the eldest.

In an emotional scene, the duo will make peace and Dorinha’s mother will hug her sister: “You were wrong. But since we got to this farm, it’s been my mainstay. You helped me to raise my daughter, to take care of this house, this farm, you even took care of Matias. I was very hurt and you didn’t deserve to hear them. Can we go back to being friends?”

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