Civil Police Internal Affairs investigates why a family incarcerated in Guaratiba was not rescued after a complaint 2 years ago | Rio de Janeiro

The authorities were alerted, but the game of pushing resulted in two more years of suffering for the family.

This Friday (29), the Civil Police reported that the Corregedoria opened a procedure to investigate all the facts and the reasons why nothing has been done since then..

According to a police note, investigations began in 2020 when the case was registered in the 43rd DP (Guaratiba) and, subsequently, he was referred to the 36th DP (Santa Cruz). “The inquiry was sent three times to the Public Ministry for action. The last time it returned was in May of this year”, the text adds.

Guardianship Council, MP and police knew

A man kept his children tied up at home in Guaratiba, in the West Zone of Rio – Photo: Reproduction

O RJ2 was at the Alkidar Soares Family Clinic, which was warned at the time of a possible abuse situation.

By note, the direction of the clinic confirmed the complaint and said that it notified the fact to the Guardianship Council of the region. He also said that he had been monitoring the case, that several attempts had been made by health professionals, but that the resident never allowed entry into the property.

at the headquarters of Guaratuba Guardianship Council There was also confirmation of the 2020 complaint.

The counselor responsible for the case asked not to be identified, but confirmed that he was at the house, accompanied by a team of psychologists and health professionals. He said that he registered the case at the police station and that he communicated the situation to the Public ministry.

A report from Secretary of Social Assistanceto which the RJ2 had access, confirmed the visit of the guardianship counselor. The secretariat said that it was called by the Guardianship Council, in March 2020, and that this report was sent to the Public Ministry and a police report was registered.

The city government also said that it tried to return to the house, but Luiz Ant0nio did not let the assistants in.

O RJ2 asked for an interview with a representative of the Public Ministry, who only sent a note saying that the Guardianship Council informed the case to the Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Youth, in March 2020.

17 years in private prison: what is known about the case

17 years in private prison: what is known about the case

He also said that all relevant measures had been taken to end false imprisonment and that reported the facts to the Military Police and the Civil Police.

Also according to the MP, the Guardianship Council stated at the time that the entire protection network was aware. But the Public Prosecutor’s Office said it was not informed later. if the situation was still the same or if it had already been resolved.

The last end of the chain of authorities informed about the situation of the family incarcerated in Guaratiba, the Military Police, reported that could not find any official document about the complaint made in 2020.

After two years and with a new complaint, the PM went to the place and ended the suffering of the family.

Upon being released, on Thursday morning (28), the victims were taken to Rocha Faria Hospital to be rescued from the state of severe malnutrition and dehydration.

MP will investigate lack of action

The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that, after the complaint, there was no further feedback on the family’s situation. The MP also said that updates on the case were not requested and that he is investigating this with the prosecution.

also said that this Friday (29) initiated a procedure to investigate the role of the Guardianship Council in the case. The Guardianship Council did not comment on this investigation by the MP.

One of the children with his feet tied — Photo: Reproduction

House where the family was found — Photo: Reproduction

Military police from the 27th BPM released, on the morning of this Thursday (28), a woman and two children who were being held in private prison in Guaratiba, in the West Zone of Rio, 17 years, according to the PM. O The children’s father and the woman’s husband were arrested for the crime.

The victims were in a house on Rua Leonel Rocha and the police arrived at the scene after an anonymous tip.

The youths, aged 19 and 22, children of the woman and the suspect of keeping them in prison, were tied up, dirty and malnourished.

The Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) was activated. The 43rd DP investigates the case.

Luiz Antonio Santos Silva was arrested for keeping his family in private prison for 17 years in Guaratiba — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

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