company detects 20 apps with viruses in the Play Store

The company ESET detected the presence of applications with viruses on Android phones. Malware is present in apps available on the Play Store and can show undue advertisements to users. In addition, it still puts the device at risk.

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According to the specialized company, the virus is called Joker and is already an old acquaintance for Android.

Joker Virus in Android Apps

Downloading apps on impulse can pose great danger. There are malwares present even in the app stores of the devices. Despite efforts to contain the threats, some cyber criminals manage to bypass protection barriers. This is the case with Joker, which reappeared on the Play Store.

Usually the applications that load the software are in the area of ​​health, photography, communication and tools. They use a URL shortener for Joker download.

Malware is malicious software that can bring viruses, steal data or damage your device. Joker is an old malware that has the purpose of stealing SMS messages and subscribing to premium services.

The 20 apps with viruses detected on Android:

According to information from ESET, the 20 apps that were found to be carrying the virus for Android were the following:

  • All QRCode Scanner;
  • Scanner Reader;
  • Wow Translator;
  • Rainy Day Wallpaper;
  • Neon Live Wallpaper;
  • Plenty Emoji Messages;
  • Cute Photo Editor;
  • All Wallpaper SMS;
  • All Photo Translator;
  • Smart CMM Launcher;
  • CamHipro;
  • Cool Messages;
  • Sketch Photo Editor;
  • Blood Sugar Log;
  • Bubble Message;
  • Create Photo Stickers;
  • Shining Live Wallpaper;
  • Toy Blast Star-Falcon;
  • RGB Emoji Keyboard;
  • Camera Translator Pro.

It is worth mentioning that these are just some of the apps with viruses as there may be more. So always keep your phone up to date and with a good antivirus running. That can make all the difference.

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