Cruzeiro: Cabral talks about renewal and explains why he did not receive a raise

Cruzeiro owner Rafael Cabral extended his contract with the club until
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Cruzeiro owner Rafael Cabral has extended his contract with the club until the end of 2024

Cruise holder throughout the season,

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One of the highlights of Serie B, Cabral aroused the interest of clubs in the ball market in recent days. The 32-year-old’s staff was sought after by, among other teams, Sampdoria, from Italy, where he spent between 2018 and 2019.

“To make it very clear that my contract doesn’t change anything in this first period. I don’t think I’ve won anything yet to receive a raise now. We signed an amendment in which the conditions change if the club reaches Serie A, which I think is fair. If it goes up, then I have an additive. If not, everything remains the way it is”, highlighted the goalkeeper.

“The fans deserve to know what I talked about with the club. They deserve this transparency and to know every detail from us, because they are the ones who move the club. And these details are important to understand how the club is working”, he added.

Rafael Cabral also explained that the low fine in his old contract was a personal requirement upon his arrival at Cruzeiro.

“When I came (to here) the situation was completely different. The club (still) had many uncertainties, Ronaldo had not signed (the purchase of SAF)… And I had been in Europe for ten years, my children were born there The fine (low) was a requirement of mine in case we didn’t adapt or the club wasn’t doing well, the project that was offered to me didn’t come to fruition”, he explained.

Liaison with Cruise Management

Hired at the beginning of this season, Rafael arrived at Cruzeiro with the difficult mission of replacing Fbio, idol of the crowd. A key player in coach Paulo Pezzolano’s starting lineup, in a short time, he won the admiration of the heavenly fans.

“What I’m happiest here (at Cruzeiro) (the relationship) is I look in the eye that I have with the board and how sincere and honest they are. They look you in the eye and talk, both when good and when bad. This is very important In eye contact they explained to me all the difficulties of the club, which I already knew when I came here”, said the shirt 1.

Cabral played 37 matches for the club in 2022 and conceded 48 goals. In a remarkable moment, the goalkeeper saved four shots in the penalty shootout against Remo, at Independência, guaranteeing Cruzeiro’s classification in the Copa do Brasil.

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