Cruzeiro gets away with defeat to Brusque with crazy penalty annulled at the end

Cruzeiro and Brusque were drawn 0-0 by S
photo: Roberto Zacarias/Staff Images/Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro and Brusque were drawn 0-0 by Serie B

The uninspired game this Saturday morning (30) at the Augusto Bauer Stadium was overshadowed by a somewhat “crazy” situation already in the second half. Gabriel Taliari’s touches on the kick-in. In the end, it was a 0-0 draw in the interior of Santa Catarina, for the 21st round of Serie B.

In the first half, the rare good chances only appeared after 40 minutes. In the final stage, coach Paulo Pezzolano tried to change the scenario of the game – he even promoted the debut of attacking midfielder Chay -, but the dynamics remained the same.

In addition to the second half, Brusque got a penalty in a play in which the ball touched Oliveira’s arm. In the charge, Taliari slipped and touched the ball twice, which went in. The VAR intervened and disallowed the play.

The Cruise returns to the field next Saturday at 7pm. Coach Paulo Pezzolano’s team receives Tombense in Mineiro, for the 22nd round. Before that, on Thursday, Brusque will face Sampaio Corra at Augusto Bauer. The ball also rolls at 7pm.

Little inspiration… until 40

Brusque vs Cruzeiro: photos from the match for Serie B

For most of the first half, Brusque and Cruzeiro did little. Defenses excelled against uninspired attacks. With an attacking trio formed by Edu, Stnio and Bruno Rodrigues, the Serie B leader did not threaten the rival goal.

Brusque, although at a slow pace and with difficulties, seemed a little more daring, especially in lvaro and Fernandinho’s plays. The most important points of the initial stage, however, were the injuries of Par (that same person) and Geovane Jesus.

Dangerous plays only appeared after 40 minutes. In the first, Brusque almost opened the scoring in a move by Alex Sandro, but lvaro finished on top of Rafael Cabral. Shortly after, the celestial goalkeeper came out badly, but the hosts did not take advantage of it.

The best (and only) submission of Cruzeiro towards the goal in the initial stage was by Bruno Rodrigues, at 44′. From outside the area, he took a risk and had a deflection in the defense, but Jordan saved.

Adrenaline at the end

At halftime, coach Paulo Pezzolano decided to promote the debut of attacking midfielder Chay, ex-Botafogo, for Cruzeiro. The celestial posture changed – the team started to have more possession in the offensive field -, but the chances of goals remained rare.

The coaches tried to change the game landscape with changes during the second half. In practice, however, the scenario remained very similar to the beginning.

Barely on the ball out, Cruzeiro saw Brusque steal in the attacking field and create danger, but not score.

When the 0-0 was on its way, the home team got a penalty in a play in which the ball hit Oliveira’s arm, already in additions. In the charge, Gabriel Taliari scored, but touched the ball twice. VAR intervened, and the tie ensued.



Jordan; Par (Edilson, at 13′ of Q1), verton Alemo, Wallace and Airton; Rodolfo Potiguar, Balotelli, Alex Ruan (Paulo Baya, at 20′ of 2nd T) and lvaro (Gabriel Taliari, at 30′ of 2nd T); Fernandinho (Jailson, at 30′ of the 2nd Q) and Alex Sandro (Patrick, at 20′ of the 2nd Q)

technician: Luan Carlos


Rafael Cabral; Z Ivaldo, Machado and Lucas Oliveira; Geovane Jesus (Rmulo, at 23′ of Q1), Neto Moura (Luvannor, at 40′ of Q2), Pablo Siles (Fernando Canesin, at 17′ of Q2) and Matheus Bidu; Stnio (Chay, at half-time), Bruno Rodrigues and Edu (Breno, at 17′ of the 2nd quarter)

technician: Paulo Pezzolano

Reason: 21st round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship

date and time: Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 11 am

Place: Augusto Bauer Stadium, in Brusque (SC)

yellow cards: Alex Ruan, at 34′ of the 1st quarter, Edilson, at 44′, Gabriel Taliari, at 48′, and Rodolfo Potiguar, at 52′ of the 2nd quarter (BRU); Geovane Jesus, at 20′, and Z Ivaldo, at 30′ of Q1 (CRU)

referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)

assistants: Bruno Boschilia (PR/Fifa) and Eduardo Gonalves da Cruz (MS)

VAR: Thiago Duarte Peixoto (SP)

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