Dancer hit by screen may become quadriplegic

Screen collapsed on boy band and hit the group's dancer during a show in Hong Kong - Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Screen collapsed on boy band and hit the group’s dancer during a show in Hong Kong – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, 27, who was hit by a big screen during boy band ‘Mirror’ concert in Hong Kong this Thursday, he could become a quadriplegic.

According to the South China Morning Post, a medical source explained that the impact of the LED panel dislocated the third and fourth sections of the artist’s cervical vertebrae, leaving him so far unable to make neck-down movements.

The patient also has head and lung injuries.

According to this Friday’s bulletin, his condition is critical. Faced with the accident, his parents have already stated that they will leave Canada to visit him.

Another dancer, Chang Tsz-fung, 29, was also injured, but to a lesser extent. Both were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Tsz-fung has already been discharged.

Kai-yin underwent surgery on his vertebrae overnight and returned to the operating room again this Friday. Although the spine was stabilized, the dancer needed to be intubated.

There is still no definition as to whether he will remain paralyzed. According to doctors, the recovery of limb movement depends on the renewal of their damaged nerves.

Screen crash caused by cable break

THE cause of the screen’s fall was attributed to the breakage of one of the two metal ropes who held him to the structure placed above the stage, according to the preliminary conclusions of the accident.

According to the authorities, the suspension wires used in the screens will be analyzed, so the investigation will study whether what happened was centered on operational procedures or on the material of the cables.

Also according to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu on Friday pledged to carry out a timely and comprehensive investigation into the incident. In addition, the other shows that were to take place at the Hong Kong Coliseum have been canceled and those who purchased tickets will have to be refunded. The performance that was marked by the terrible accident was part of a series of 12 shows.

“I express condolences to the injured and hope they recover soon,” Lee said.

After going into shock, three women who were in the audience, ranging in age from 16 to 40, also needed medical attention. Only one of them was taken to a hospital.

The fall of the screen was recorded in videos that circulate on social networks. The images are strong. A Department of Social Welfare phone number was made available to assist people who saw the images and felt uncomfortable, needing counseling services.

Hong Kong Secretary of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung acted in the initial inspection of the concert venue. According to him, the investigation could take a few weeks. The identity of the employee involved in assembling the screen that collapsed was not revealed.

“Preliminary inspection suggests that a metal cord broke, causing the screen to fall off,” Yeung said, pledging to look into the matter with a task force set up in the Department of Leisure and Culture Services, which would work with the Department. Electrical and Mechanical Services and the Department of Labor to study the cause of the accident. “It is our responsibility and determination to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again.

from the news agency O Globo

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