Daniel’s baby poses in a photo shoot and impresses

Daniel and Aline de Pádua show a photo shoot of the 6-month-old baby

The singer Daniel and the wife, the dancer Aline from Padua, are celebrating the first semester of the youngest of the family! Little Olivia was born on January 28 this year. She is the third child of the couple who have been together for 20 years, since 2002. In addition to the baby, they are proud parents of two more girls, now older. The firstborn Lara is 12 years old and the middle daughter Luiza is 10 years old.

After nearly a decade without a baby at home, the famous dads have been enjoying every moment of their youngest growing up. Every month of life, the family makes a point of commemorating the date. To celebrate Olivia’s six months of life, Daniel and Aline did a beautiful photo shoot to immortalize this moment. The dancer showed the backstage with her daughter: “Photoshoot of my 6-month-old princess”.

In the photos, the youngest still appears in a blue dress with puffed sleeves with a tiara of the same color. The little girl was accompanied by a plush of the character “olaf“from animation”Frozen“. With a homemade cupcake topped with “Olivia. Six months”, the little one posed smiling for the cameras. “She is growing… And our love multiplies every day! Our baby is pure joy”, declared the mother owl when showing some photos from the shoot in which the girl makes faces and mouths.

Already the famous dad melted when showing the smiling baby. “Starting the day with a smile like this is priceless! Our little princess in the chair I got as a gift from you!!! Health and peace!!! With God,” she said.

Fans celebrated the date with the family! The wife’s publication Daniel received many congratulatory messages. “How it goes by so fast, God bless this beautiful blessed family”, said one internet user. “Our! What a little princess”, praised another follower. Another fan drew attention to the baby’s expressions: “Her little faces, my God.” “Oh, how lovely! Vivaaaaa princess Linda!!”, celebrated another internet user.

Daniel shows off his 6 month old baby

Instagram reproduction Daniel shows his 6-month-old daughter Olivia and declares himself

Daniel's wife shows photo shoot of her youngest daughter

Instagram reproduction Daniel’s wife shows off her 6-month-old baby’s photo shoot

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