Datafolha: 56% see Bolsonaro’s threats as serious, but do not believe in a coup | Election poll

Most Brazilians see threats from President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) as serious, but do not believe in a coup, according to a Datafolha survey released this Saturday (30) by the newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo”.

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For 56% of respondents, Bolsonaro’s attacks and threats, when he attacks the security of electronic voting machines and ministers of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), for example, should be taken seriously by the country’s institutions.


  • 45% disapprove of the Bolsonaro government; approval is 28%
  • 73% say there is corruption in the Bolsonaro government

At the same time, most Brazilians do not believe in the possibility of a coup by Bolsonaro: 56% say they see no chance of this happening, while 37% believe that the president can carry out his threats.

The most recent Datafolha poll was carried out on Wednesday (27) and Thursday (28), with a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.

Concern about Bolsonaro’s threats grows among the 47% who say they vote for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT): of these, 61% see the president’s attacks as something serious, while 33% do not.

Among the 28% who declare their vote for Jair Bolsonaro himself, 50% consider threats to be something that deserves attention, while 40% say they do not.

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