Drinking coffee can make you spend more money

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In addition to roasting beans, did you know that drinking coffee can make you toast money? Well, according to researchers at the University of South Florida, in the United States, there is a relationship between the consumption of this drink and impulsiveness when shopping. In fact, this is knowledge that many stores already have and use at the time of sales. Want to know the reason for this problem? See below how the coffee makes you impulsive.

The research that says coffee makes you impulsive

The researchers carried out three experiments in retail stores in the United States, a sector that is standing out because they are installing coffee shops close to their locations. Through the analysis of purchases and customer behavior, those who drank a cup of coffee (which was given away for free before entering the store), spent up to 50% more and proved about 30% more merchandise than those who did not consume caffeine.

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This is because this substance acts as a stimulant in our brain, constantly releasing dopamine into it. Therefore, as this neurotransmitter is also related to the feeling of reward, caffeine ends up increasing impulsivity a lot, which reduced the volunteers’ self-control. That way, they ended up spending a lot on shopping.

In fact, impulsiveness was seen not only in the amount spent on products, but also in the types of items chosen. According to Dipayan Biskas, author of the research: “As a result, caffeine intake leads to impulsive shopping in terms of more items purchased and greater expenditures.”

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This is because, during the experiments, it was possible to observe that those who ingested the drink were more willing to pay for products that are not considered essential, such as toys. In the end, it was a significant difference in purchases, as the coffee-drinking group spent an average of $70 more than the other.

In other words, drinking caffeine before shopping may not be a good idea when you want to save money.

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