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Find out what to do if your phone or device is stolen

Since smartphones became popular all over the world, problems related to their use arise from time to time. Access to banking, delivery, carpooling apps, social networks and valuable personal information such as passwords and documents attract criminals’ attention because they are concentrated in “one place”. According to data from the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook 2022, more than 840 thousand cell phones were stolen or stolen in 2021. This increase raises a warning about the importance of investing in the protection of sensitive data contained in the devices and thus undermining the action of criminals after theft or robbery.

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In the connected corporate world, companies are also at risk, as smartphones, notebooks, and other electronic devices are often used to access work content. According to Helder Ferrão, Akamai Latin America Industry Marketing Manager, even if a device is being used by an individual, the data that exists there can be exposed and compromise the company in which the employee works. “Enterprises must be aware of technological trends towards authentication, online security and anti-fraud features to protect themselves,” he concluded.

Taking this reality into account, Akamai Technologies, a cloud and cybersecurity company, has separated some tips to help consumers and companies to prevent themselves and minimize damage if their devices are stolen or stolen.

  • Invest in multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA – multi factor authentication) is a technology that reinforces the mechanism for access and, consequently, protection of the victim’s data whose device was stolen. It creates barriers at different layers of security to make it difficult for criminals to access sensitive data. It is important that MFA is used on as many accounts and applications as possible.

According to Helder, many people still have difficulty understanding how multifactor authentication works, so it is important for companies to educate their employees about the importance of this measure, in addition to implementing stronger authentication methods to protect equipment without affecting the experience. of user.

According to the latest Verizon Data Breach report on breach of security and access to sensitive data, approximately 80% of cases are related to the theft or compromise of employee credentials, as well as attempted breach of logins by “brute force”. A recent dark web audit revealed more than 15 billion logins stolen from approximately 100,000 “holes” in the access process.

  • Be careful with passwords

Creating complex and difficult-to-guess passwords is an efficient measure for people and companies, even if it seems basic. Predictable passwords such as numerical sequences, the first letters of the alphabet or even important dates, such as birthdays, marriages, births of children, etc. can make it easier for criminals to unlock the device and access data.

It is also crucial not to write down passwords and not save them for autofill in the login fields. “Again, this is education work that companies need to do with their employees. It is necessary at all times to instruct how to create complex passwords, as well as to change them periodically. A good choice of a password manager can help a lot in this process and can allow highly complex passwords to be used”, advises Helder.

  • Set the interval for automatic screen lock

Enabling automatic cell phone screen lock for the shortest possible time interval is a device setting that can serve as an effective security measure in many cases. That’s because, if the device is locked, there is no way for criminals to obtain user or company data, regardless of the device’s operating system (Android or iOS).

Still, Helder points out that there are security gaps even if the automatic screen lock is turned on. “It is very common for scammers to put the chip in another cell phone to use the forgetting and password reset services via messages received by SMS and WhatsApp, for example. Thus, they are able to control incoming messages without necessarily turning on the stolen device. Therefore, it is important to combine this measure with others that will complement the security of the device as a whole.”, concludes Helder.

Have your cell phone been stolen or stolen? Know what to do next

It is important to ask someone you trust or the responsible sector of the company to lock the device in the operating system (Android or iOS). If it was stolen while turned on and with the screen unlocked, contact must be made as soon as possible, reporting what happened and guiding so that the lock is successfully performed.

Another security measure is to block the telephone line. This action may seem simple and is often ignored by people at the expense of more “important” security measures. However, blocking the number of the chip that was in the stolen or stolen device can avoid many problems, since the criminal can use the number to apply scams impersonating the person or a company employee without difficulties.

Helder analyzes that “the time window in which the criminal passes the device to someone who knows the mechanisms to gain access to the victim’s sensitive data on the device is short. Therefore, the faster the safety procedures are carried out, the greater the chances of avoiding or at least reducing damages”.

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