Gusttavo Lima is sentenced to pay R$50,000 to a native of Paraná

Singer Gusttavo Lima was ordered to pay R$50,000 for moral damages to a woman from Pato Branco, Paraná, who had her phone number released in a song by the singer. She won the case in the first instance and the defense can still appeal the decision, according to the G1 portal.

The song that quotes the phone number is “Blocked” and was released in 2021

This is not the first time that Gusttavo Lima has been convicted for the same reason. As there is no area code for the number in the lyrics of the song, other people who use the same number in Brazil have gone through the same situation and are suing the singer. In June, another woman, this one from São Paulo, won the lawsuit in which the artist was also ordered to pay R$50,000.

Situation also happened in Curitiba

The life of a curitibana was turned upside down after the release of the song ‘Bloqueado’, by Gusttavo Lima.

It turns out that the singer repeats a phone number several times, which is the same as the purchasing supervisor, but without the area code.

Curitibana with cell phone number of Gusttavo Lima's song has no peace and has another coincidence, since her son has the same name
Photo: reproduction.

Is it over there received over 400 calls in a single day.

“My son’s name is Gustavo. I even thought the calls were for him. That they were confusing something, I didn’t understand. I said it was Gustavo’s mother. Until, one day, someone told me that it was for Gusttavo Lima. I told my son that I received a lot of calls calling my son, but mentioning that name. He warned me that this one belonged to the singer”, he explained to the report by Banda B, from Curitiba.

how is the music

In the song, Gustavo Lima sings the lines: “I missed a lot / Of those that the heart burns / 9XXX-XX03 / Look at me relapsed again”. In this second case, Gusttavo’s defense argued that prints of the woman’s conversations could not serve as evidence, but the Court understood that the singer did not take precautions to avoid these inconveniences and that the messages received by Pato Branco’s wife directly quoted the song by the singer. singer

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