I live after Bivar leaves the dispute for the Planalto: ‘PT and Lula never return’

Sergio Moro in close-up photo;  he is
“PT and Lula never back”, said Sergio Moro in a post on Twitter (photo: Srgio Lima/AFP)

Letter out of the deck of the dispute for the Presidency of the Republic, the ex-judge Srgio Moro (Unio Brasil), who is now fighting to make his candidacy for the Senate possible for Paraná, took to Twitter this Saturday morning, citing a word that made history in the mouth of a marshal of the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964/1985).

“PT and Lula never come back. I dismantled the corruption of the PT governments and executed Lula’s arrest. The rest of the fake news gang and the corruption vivants are lying,” posted the former judge, who gained national fame for his role in Operation Car Wash and, also, as a former Minister of Justice and Public Security in the president’s government. Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Moro’s speech comes the day after the then presidential candidate for his party, Luciano Bivar withdraws from the race for possible support on the ticket of former president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT).

What also drew attention in the ex-judge’s tute is precisely the word vivandieiras, whose meaning, according to dictionaries, is one who sells or takes supplies, following troops on the march, providing what soldiers need. Or, still, a civilian who opines in military matters, although he has no knowledge on this subject, making unsubstantiated guesses.

Dictatorship record

According to renowned political columnist Elio Gaspari, author of a series of books on the military dictatorship in Brazil, in an article in Folha de S. Paulo, dated December 22, 1999, “this expression (vivandeiras) was brought to the vocabulary Brazilian politician by Marshal Humberto Castello Branco, in August 1964, in the auditorium of the School of Command and General Staff of the Army”.

And the columnist continues in his rescue of the country’s political memory: “Complaining about the civilians who called his government militarist, he said (Castelo Branco) the following: ‘I identify them all. And there are many of them, the same ones who, since 1930, like boisterous vivants, come to the bivouacs to roar with the grenadiers and provoke extravagances of military power'”.

Manifesto for Democracy

Another fact that also draws attention in this statement by Moro is the coincidence that it happens in the week that organized civil society signs a letter in defense of democracy. The initiative took place after repeated threats to the democratic state of law by the current president of the Planalto Palace.

The most recent took place at the Planalto Palace, in meeting convened by President Jair Bolsonaro with foreign ambassadors based in Brazil. On the occasion, Bolsonaro once again questioned the smoothness of the electronic voting machines used in the country to measure the popular vote in electoral disputes.

At least until this Saturday there is no record of the signature of the document.

electoral dispute

After leaving the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, after disagreements with Bolsonaro over the power of command in the Federal Police, Moro tried to become a candidate for President Republic through Podemos.

After the failed attempt, he left Podemos and joined Unio Brasil – the fusion of the DEM with the PSL, the penultimate party of Bolsonaro’s affiliation –, where he has also had another failure. He was unable to establish an electoral address in So Paulo, where he would have liked to have run for the Senate. The Electoral Justice embittered Moro’s ambition.

He is now trying to stay afloat in the political game to make his candidacy for the Senate, but he has as a competitor senator lvaro Dias (Podemos), his godfather to enter politics.

According to most electoral polls, Moro follows behind Dias in the intention of voting for the people of Paraná, which points to a tight dispute between the two candidates. However, the rejection of his name weighs against Moro, as measured by the surveys published so far, which overcome the electorate’s disapproval of lvaro Dias.

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