‘It was a couple that spent 15 years making love all day long’, says composer Michael Sullivan about partnership with Paulo Massadas

Michael Sullivan and Paulo Massadas, authors of more than 700 songs, some of which were hugely successful such as “Um dia de Domingo” (Gal Costa and Tim Maia), “Deslizes” (Fagner), “Portraits and songs” (Sandra de Sá) and Xuxa (“Crystal Moon”) are the subject of a series that premieres until October on Globoplay. Written by journalists André Barcinski and Pedro Bial, the series shows the story of the duo, their reunion after 27 years and a tribute in which Fagner and Sandra de Sá participated to Alice Caymmi, Anavitória and Ferrugem.

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— People are learning to value the professionals behind the songs. Today you can talk about Sullivan and Masadas in a way you couldn’t 15 years ago. Before, you were greeted with either laughter or mockery. For many, they were the guys who fucked up Brazilian music,” says Barcinski.

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At 72 years old, Michael Sullivan (the eternal fake gringo persona of Ivanilton de Souza Lima from Pernambuco) says that the series will tell “stories that no one knows”.

“Our breakup left people with a lot of crickets, and we talk about that on the show. There was almost no reason, in fact it was a natural wear and tear of a couple who spent 15 years locked in a room making love all day. The time has come when he got fed up — he says, who is preparing the October release of “Ivanilton”, an album of unreleased songs produced by Alice Caymmi and featuring Alice, Ana Carolina, Fagner, Almério and Johnny Hooker. — People complained, it seemed like there was only room for us. But in the 1980s and 90s there was room for everyone. We even campaigned for the names of songwriters to be spoken on the radio.

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