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Lula (PT) during the 74th annual meeting of the SBPC, this Thursday, in Brasilia (photo: Evaristo S/AFP)

“Invitation accepted.” In response to former president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT), federal deputy Andr Janones (Avante), who is also running for the Palácio do Planalto, said yes to the PT’s invitation for a dialogue. In Lula’s last moves towards Janones, the intention was to obtain the support of the Avante candidate in the first round of the elections, because the two have similar proposals. For this, Janones would withdraw his candidacy for the presidency.

Lula’s invitation to become president came after Janones reinforced in his social networks that one of his government projects is to create a permanent aid of R$ 600 for the most vulnerable. On the occasion, he stressed that he wants to help 33 million Brazilians who are hungry. The intention of the Avante candidate caught Lula’s attention, who replied: “We are together in this cause”.

The PT’s desire to gain support from Avante has been going on for weeks. on sabbath at GloboNews, last Tuesday (26/7), Janones said that he met with PT about two weeks ago. Contrary to what was speculated, the deputy said that the request to withdraw his presidential candidacy was not raised, as Lula said he saw Janones “as stubborn as he is.”

Soon after Janones announced that he would dialogue with the PT, Lula replied in the same publication, saying that he would call the deputy, because “politics is done through dialogue and bringing people together for the common good”, he pointed out.

Together against Bolsonaro

In the early hours of this Friday, Andr Janones was already giving the first signs that he would move his political game, opening the dialogue with the PT. The deputy posted on his social media that he admired the heroes who had fought for democracy and that he wanted to be by their side. He concluded by saying that Bolsonaro helped him achieve that dream.

A public opponent of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Janones had already expressed support for Lula in the second round, in case the election was disputed between the current president and the PT.

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