Luísa Sonza is in the position of ‘little dog’ and does choreography with a swing: “Au au”

Mistress of the world! Luísa Sonza, singer, model and digital influencer, once again drove the crowd crazy with her choreography, as usual. On the afternoon of this Friday (29), the muse showed one more moment dancing to ‘Cachorrinhas’, her new single that is pumping all over Brazil.

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“PUPS”, he wrote in the caption of the publication. In the video, Luísa Sonza shows all her good form with a lot of energy and, of course, takes the opportunity to ‘launch’ the choreography of her new single, driving the public crazy. Currently, Luísa has already surpassed the mark of 29 million followers.

“You guys rock too much, my dream to see all this live and in color”, wished a follower of the muse in the comments field. “I only have two goals in my life from now on: to dance like Luísa and hug her”, said one more.

Luísa Sonza comments more about her new single, ‘Cachorrinhas’: “It’s a gift for gays”

During her press conference to promote the single ‘Cachorrinhas’, Luísa Sonza spoke more about the song and also revealed that it was made especially for gay people.

“It’s a gift for gay women… Cachorrinhas comes to end a great aesthetic that I explored and lived for a long time, more danceable, with a lot of funk, which I’ve had since Braba and Devagarinho”, said Luísa Sonza.

“My artistic sense has been moving to a slightly more mature place. I’m becoming a calmer person. I’m not looking to become a trapper. I’m a pop artist and I never want to stop being, no matter how much I go from rocker to baby girl”, she concluded.


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