Lula signals to the Armed Forces and says that Bolsonaro treats the military ‘as objects’

Former President Lula, PT candidate for the Planalto Palace, used part of his speech at the PSB’s national convention, this Friday 29, to defend “respect” in the relationship between the Executive Power and the Armed Forces. The PT stated that he never had problems with military commanders.

He recalled that the Forces have their functions established in the Constitution and “never ask who or why a president’s decision is made, they just comply with it”.

“We need to establish a relationship of respect, in which each one fulfills his/her duties”, declared the leader of the electoral polls. “And not having a president who treats the Armed Forces as an object in his hand. He was not a good soldier. We need to get this country back to normal.

This Friday’s ceremony in Brasília marked the officialization of the PSB’s support for Lula’s candidacy and the confirmation of Geraldo Alckmin as a candidate for vice president on the ticket. At the event, PT said he was “older, but much better, with much more strength and with much more courage to make this country happen”, compared to his two governments. Furthermore, he continued, “Alckmin’s experience and mine will mean the most important peaceful revolution in this country”.

Lula also praised the reaction of sectors of civil society to the most recent unfounded attacks by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on electronic voting machines. In three days of launch, the letter in defense of democracy and the electoral process released by the USP Law School gathered more than 400,000 signatures. Among the signatories are bankers, businessmen, artists, lawyers and members of the Public Ministry.

“A demonstration that nobody believes in the outbursts of the president who governs this country”, summarized Lula in his speech. “The society that made the manifesto tells him [Bolsonaro] to be careful. He doesn’t have to be afraid of the electronic voting machine, because it has already proven its effectiveness, seriousness and speed. What he has to be afraid of is that the people are fed up, disgusted, tired of so many lies, fake news and destruction.”

Bolsonaro, Lula added, “is the result of the destruction that was done at many times and by many people in this country, encouraged by many media that try to throw mud on top of the political class without making any distinction”.

A Datafolha poll released on Thursday 28 points out Lula’s leadership in the race for the Presidency of the Republic with 47% of voting intentions in the first round, against 29% for Bolsonaro. The PT would also defeat the president in an eventual second round, by 55% to 35%.

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