‘Man’s crap’; before starring in a horror scene, Maria Bruaca humiliates Tenório in Pantanal


Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will charge straight for every wrong attitude of Tenório (Murilo Benício) in Pantanal

Photo: reproduction Rede Globo
Photo: reproduction Rede Globo

The next chapters of wetland promise scenes of tension and a lot of revenge! is that finally Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will settle her accounts with Tenório (Murilo Benício). Tired of her husband’s humiliations, Maria go point a gun to the farmer’s head and before squeezing the kittenwill put out all the regrets that you have held for years.

Out of her mind, the housewife will talk to Tenório’s face who betrayed him, he will say names: Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) and Levi (Leandro Lima)and will humiliate the farmer’s performancestating that the two were better than him in bed. “I gave you a bunch of reasons… I slept with your pawns behind your back, didn’t I?! Well, I slept really well! And I tell you more: they are much better than you… Both of them. You’re a damn man. Always have been… Always will be!”

tenorio will be angry with bruaca and go up to her. But Maria will put the bullet in the needle and aim for his chestshaking with so much hate. “Oê I end up with my life”will scream Maria. “And you with mine, Bruaca”will cause the squatter.“I’ll show you who Bruaca is, you bastard!”says the woman, falling for her husband’s provocation, and then, close your eyes and shoot.

The scene will reveal, after the scare, Tenorio standing, unharmed. the shot will have grazed past In your head. “That was the last thing I could have expected from you, Maria…”he will stammer, taking her weapon, which will look like a statue, and heading to a piece of furniture where he will take a large amount of money and deposit the pack in her hand. “Go as far as you can from me… Don’t you ever say that again… And I say that for your own good.” “I will, Tenório… I will”will speak Mariawho will pick up his bags and leave the house.

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