Monkeypox: After death, Ministry of Health announces plan against disease

The Ministry of Health announced the installation of an Emergency Operation Center (COE) to monitor cases of monkeypox (or monkeypox) in Brazil.

The idea is to set up a contingency plan, with analysis of the situation, logistics for diagnosis, prevention, assistance protocols, training and training and communication about the virus.

The measure was presented this Friday afternoon (29) as one of the surveillance actions that will be implemented in the country after the confirmation of the first death from the virus in Brazil, which is also the first outside the African continent.

The fatal case was registered in Belo Horizonte (MG) and announced this Friday morning. The victim is a patient who was 41 years old, with low immunity and cancer..

Brazil has 2,176 reported cases, 1,066 confirmed, 513 suspected, in addition to confirmed death and 597 discarded, according to the most recent balance of the Ministry of Health.

According to Daniel Pereira, secretary of the Ministry of Health, the ministry is still evaluating the impact and preponderance of comorbidities in the case.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that, from January to July 22, five deaths were recorded worldwide from monkeypox, all on the African continent, with three victims in Nigeria and two in the Central African Republic.

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