Mother and children rescued after 17 years in false imprisonment: understand what must now happen to the family | Rio de Janeiro

After being rescued by military police after an anonymous tip, the mother and two children who lived in private prison in Guaratiba, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, were taken to Rocha Faria Hospital. The aggressor is Luiz Antônio Santos Silva, husband and father of the victims. Mother and children, who are yet to be discharged, were in conditions of maltreatment and malnourished when they were rescued.

In a note, the Municipal Health Department reported that the victims are receiving medical care and, for the time being, must be under the care of the.

“The three patients present with dehydration and severe malnutrition, but they have already been stabilized and are receiving all necessary clinical care, in addition to monitoring social and mental health services.”

Luiz Antônio was initially taken to the police station. Afterwards, he was transferred to the Benfica prison. According to the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, there is no forecast of a custody hearing for this Friday (29). He must answer for kidnapping or false imprisonment, aggression, ill-treatment and the crime of torture.

Pamella Rossy, psychologist of Public Defender’s Office of Rio de Janeiro, explained to g1 that this family, after receiving medical care, will be referred to the Social Assistance of the municipality to start a work of social reintegration.

“The hospital will refer these rescued people to a social assistance team after they receive medical attention. This team will analyze the case to find out if this woman and her children have a support network, with other family members. If she doesn’t have a support network, they will be referred to a family shelter. They will undergo a follow-up, which aims to help overcome the violence suffered and access basic rights such as health, housing, education,” said Pamella.

“In addition to the physiological damage, these people will deal with damage and cognitive losses. They will need a welcome and access to public policies”, added the psychologist.

“In this case, which is so serious, a policy alone will not guarantee that they will regain their dignity. More work is needed to ensure that these people resume a dignified life and recover from the psychological trauma caused by all this violence in these 17 years,” he said.

The Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance stated that the CREA team Zilda Arns is available to the family, after they are discharged, to provide the necessary social support.

According to the police, the main concern at the time of the rescue was to provide medical attention. “The situation was appalling,” summarized one of the agents.

“The police officers who first arrived here found these children really tied up. Later, I arrived and saw that they were dirty, malnourished. So, the immediate concern was to provide medical assistance. Samu was called to provide all the assistance”, said the PM

Shortly after the rescue, the woman told the police that the three suffered physical and psychological violence on a permanent basis and that they could go three days without eating. She also stated that Luiz Antonio never allowed her to work or her children to attend school.

On the morning of this Thursday (28), after an anonymous tip, military police from the 27th BPM rescued a mother and children who lived on Rua Leonel Rocha, in the district of Foice, in Guaratiba, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in private prison. 17 years ago.

According to the complaint, the aggressor is Luiz Antônio Santos Silva, husband and father of the victims. He was nicknamed the DJ for putting on loud music to drown out victims’ cries for help. The children are 19 and 22 years old, but, according to neighbors, they appear to be about 10 years old because of malnutrition.

Neighbors report horrors in the house that served as a prison for the family in Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro

Neighbors report horrors in the house that served as a prison for the family in Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro

The same neighbors also stated that the family was hungry, as Luiz Antônio received donations in food, but threw it away so he wouldn’t have to pass it on to the family.

Neighbor Sebastião Gomes da Silva said he managed to give a fruit to one of his children on the day the family was rescued. “The little creature took the banana and ate it, peel and all. She was very hungry.”

One of the children with his feet tied — Photo: Reproduction

Luiz Antonio Santos Silva was arrested for keeping his family in private prison — Photo: Reproduction

House where the family was found — Photo: Reproduction

Another photo of the interior of the Count’s house, a woman and her two children were kept in private prison – Photo: Reproduction

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