Nearly 300,000 job openings were opened in June

Caged recorded 277,944 formal jobs created in June 2022. Therefore, the number of admissions was 1,898,876.

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On Monday (25), the Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced that the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged) registered 277,944 formal jobs created in June 2022.

In the month, the number of admissions was 1,898,876, while layoffs totaled 1,620,932. However, the result is lower than the 310,036 jobs created in June 2021.

According to Caged, in the first half of this year, 1,334,791 jobs were created, a result lower than in the same period last year, since, from January to June 2021, 1,478,997 formal jobs were created.

The service sector contributed the most to job creation, with the creation of 788,500 jobs. This is because the economic recovery of this sector is strong this year, promoted by the reopening of the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second area to create more jobs was industrial, with 215,800 jobs. This was followed by construction, which opened more than 184,700 jobs, agriculture with 84,000 and commerce with 61,700 jobs in the period.

admission salary

It is worth noting that the average admission salary has been decreasing throughout the year. Thus, in January, it reached R$ 2,006.15, however, it dropped to R$ 1,930.74 in February and has varied at this level since then, closing June at R$ 1,922.77.


According to the monthly bulletin Salariómetro – Labor Market and Collective Bargaining of the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe), the previous result of collective wage negotiations in July indicates that 70.3% of the readjustments are below the National Consumer Price Index. (INPC) accumulated.

According to a survey by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), out of 140 professions, only 12 had their average salary increased in the last year.

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