Petrobras may buy Russian diesel if there is a shortage – News

To guarantee the supply of diesel in the country, Petrobras evaluates “all the possibilities of the market”, including the purchase of Russian fuel, in the event of a tight supply horizon. The statement was made by the director of Marketing and Logistics at the oil company, Cláudio Mastella, in response to journalists who asked questions about the matter.

He stated that, so far, the company has been buying from traditional supplierslike the United States, but that it is attentive to the global situation of product supply.

“We have offices in Europe, the US, Singapore, which are able to monitor the entire market. We are constantly evaluating alternatives,” he said.

Earlier, at a conference with investors, the director said he predicted a scenario of high prices for fuel in the second half of the year, unless a global recession is consolidated.

Diesel oil is the most consumed fuel in Brazil. With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the consequent sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russian oil and derivatives, the supply of diesel has become restricted worldwide.

The Brazilian government did not impose any sanctions on the Russians, having even increased the purchase of fertilizers from that country, to guarantee nutrients for planting the next crop.

scheduled stops

In addition to the challenging global scenario, there are interferences in the production of diesel, caused by scheduled stoppages for maintenance of refineries, which are necessary for operational safety, say the directors.

The company has four shutdowns scheduled for the second half of the year, two of which will be in diesel hydrotreatment units, responsible for the production of S-10 diesel.

The station stop at the Gabriel Passos Refinery (Regap), in Minas Gerais, will be between August and September, and at the Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (Repar), in Paraná, from September to November.

In order not to further impact domestic production, Petrobras postponed a third stop that was planned in a hydro-treatment unit.

“We concluded by postponing the change of catalyst for Revap’s hydrotreatment, which we are moving from November to the first quarter of 2023”, says Rodrigo Costa Lima e Silva, director of Refining and Natural Gas, referring to the Henrique Lage Refinery, from Sao Paulo.

Earlier, the directors cited as concerns related to diesel supply the approach of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which tends to increase demand for the product, and the hurricane season in the United States, which increases the risk of interruptions in production.

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