July 29, 2022

By Davi de Souza ([email protected]) –

KERUI-CAPAImportant news that promises to move the market this Friday (29). Petrobras announced that it intends to terminate the contract with the Keriu-Método consortium, which is responsible for the works on the Natural Gas Processing Unit (UPGN) at the Gas Lub Polo (formerly Comperj), in Itaboraí (RJ). In addition, the oil company intends to go to the market to hire a company that will be responsible for completing the detailed engineering of the project. The information was revealed today by the company’s production development director, John Henry Rittershaussenduring a press conference to detail the company’s results in the second half.

To fully understand the subject, it is necessary to take a quick look back. and, again, starting at the Petrobras bidding urm. They took advantage of the proposal led by the Chinese company, even below the price they had, and delivered a strategic work for the company and the country. The distribution of pre-salt gas. The Chinese couldn’t make it and it ended up being more expensive than the original price. More nearly 1 billion reais. And they didn’t. As the market is already aware, the Kerui-Método consortium recently laid off 2,000 people who worked on the UPGN works. As a result, activities at the construction site are paralyzed, and only activities to preserve equipment and facilities are carried out. The consortium suffered from financial imbalances and had difficulties in paying suppliers. The companies obtained around R$ 700 million in amendments to the contract with Petrobras, but even so, they were not able to pay all their suppliers. In the middle of this month, Petrobras announced the stoppage of the works and also stated that the schedule for the entry of the Rota 3 Integrated Project, which covers the Rota 3 gas pipeline and the UPGN of the Gaslub Pole, would be reassessed.

Now, going back to the present day, let’s go to today’s statements by director Rittershaussen. He stated that the Route 3 pipeline is complete. In addition, the utilities part, within the Gaslub Pole, is already in the commissioning phase. The only problem today in the enterprise is in the UPGN. “We are in a negotiation phase with the contractor [Kerui-Método] in order to achieve a termination of the negotiated contract. We are already in the market to contract the conclusion of the engineering detail and then we will make the decision on how we are going to complete this project.”, explained the executive.

The director of Petrobras also added that the company is redoing all the planning for the project and there is still no firm date for the completion of the works. “Departure date in 2022 is no longer possible. We are re-planning and looking at the actions we need to take to get this unit started as soon as possible.”, he concluded.

When it finally goes into operation, the UPGN at the Gaslub Polo will be the largest in the country, with a processing capacity of up to 21 million m³ per day. The project aims to expand the company’s pre-salt gas outflow and processing infrastructure, which will increase from 23 million to 44 million m³ per day. In addition to generating energy, the gas would be used in vehicles and industries. It would also help to reduce the need to import natural gas, as well as make it possible to increase the production of pre-salt oil, since it will increase the processing of gas associated with the oil produced in the region.

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