Promotional tickets to Rio de Janeiro from R$290 round trip

We took advantage of Latam’s promotion this weekend and bring air tickets to Rio de Janeiro from R$ 290 round trip, taxes included. The lowest prices are from Brasília or Goiânia, but there are flights from Belo Horizonte or São Paulo from R$338, from Florianópolis for R$389, or from Manaus and other Brazilian cities from R$405 round trip . See all the options in the table below, including Gol and Azul flights! Remember that the rates are valid only until Sunday!

Prices are not as low as in the traditional Megapromo. And much less like the promotions we had until last year. But departing from some cities, like Manaus, for example, there are much better fares than those registered in recent days. With the price of jet fuel soaring and flights crowded, there is not much hope for low prices in the short term.

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– The price list is constantly being updated, but prices may change as tickets/packages are sold.

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