Rio Claro confirms first case of Monkeypox

The Municipal Health Foundation of Rio Claro confirmed this Friday afternoon (29) the first confirmed case of Monkeypox (Simian Smallpox) in the municipality. The patient is a young adult who is isolated and doing well.

The Epidemiological Surveillance received this afternoon, from the Adolfo Lutz Institute, the result of the exam that confirmed the disease. In addition to the confirmed case, the municipality has a suspected case of Monkeypox. This is a young adult patient, who is doing well and is in isolation awaiting the results of the diagnostic test.

Monkeypox (MPX) is a disease caused by a virus similar to that of smallpox, transmitted most often by contact (“skin to skin”), and less frequently by respiratory secretions in close proximity.

Incubation is around 12 days, and cases can vary from mild forms (even without obvious symptoms) or with the presence of a classic picture: fever, headache, muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes (“inguinal”) followed by vesicular/pustular eruptions on the skin, to a greater or lesser extent. Most cases have a benign course, with a higher risk of severity in people with immunosuppression and children.
“There is no treatment available in the country, despite studies showing some promising medications”, points out Suzi Berbert, infectious disease physician and director of Health Surveillance in Rio Claro. Suzi adds that adults who received the smallpox vaccine given in the country until the 1980s, and characterized by scarring on the left arm, have about 80% protection against MPX.

Prevention also consists of avoiding intimate contact with strangers, personal hygiene and frequent hand hygiene. The person under suspicion must remain in isolation, avoiding close contact with other people, sharing personal objects such as towels, bedding and others for about 21 days or until the lesions are completely healed.

The Epidemiological Surveillance of Rio Claro advises that in case of the appearance of these symptoms, the person seeks medical attention in health units, which are aware of how to proceed in the face of suspicious cases.

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