see radical change of former BBB Patrícia Leitte

Former BBB 18 Patrícia Leitte shocked the web by sharing photos of her before and after after a series of aesthetic procedures that she has been performing since her departure from reality. The influencer spoke to the LeoDias column and said that she believes she has invested, on average, R$ 150 thousand in the long list of interventions.

Underneath Patrícia has undergone at least nine procedures in the last four years, they are: bichectomy to remove fat from the cheeks, filling in the jaw, chin, lips and zygomatic bone, double chin liposuction, botox applications every four months, procedures with the use of collagen and skin whitening and contact lens bonding on the teeth. Contrary to what many think, the former BBB has never undergone a rhinoplasty and made a point of emphasizing. : “I was born this way and I never moved, if I had I wouldn’t have a problem talking”.


Still, the influencer reveals that she wants to perform two more surgeries, such as HD liposuction, which leaves the abdomen defined and brachioplasty, to remove excess skin from the arms. However, this is not a priority at the moment as Patricia is dedicated to trying to get pregnant.

“People who follow me have noticed that I’ve gained weight, that I’m not going to the gym as much or doing cosmetic procedures anymore, because it’s really my thing, I live discovering things to improve, reduce cellulite and localized fat, I’ve even gone outside from the country looking for a procedure but with the focus now on pregnancy, I’m more relaxed and not so focused on being cracked and healed”, he explained.

The influencer also countered the followers who claim the search for procedures due to low self-esteem: “They think I did all this because I didn’t love myself and because at the time of the BBB they called me fat and ugly and that this was a way to cure a problem.” trauma, but it wasn’t. Before the reality show, I already took care of myself, obviously I don’t have the condition that I have today, which limited me a lot, but today, having the condition, I’ll take care of myself. When he comes to tell me: ‘ah, you’re never going to stop?’ People, conform you, because I will never stop moving (…) the woman is getting older and I want to delay it as much as I can”, she concluded.

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