“This Andrey has his days…”; Vasco’s #8 situation has repercussions on Palmeiras fans and ‘fair’ business is put on the agenda

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Cruz-Maltino’s midfielder scored two of the four goals in the carioca victory over CRB, in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF |  Andrey's situation at Vasco has repercussions
Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF | Andrey’s situation at Vasco has repercussions

On another occasion, Palmeiras received from JP Sampaio the suggestion of Andrey Santos to the main team. Vasco da Gama’s midfielder is a name on the radar of the coordinator of Verdão’s youth teams. At the time, SEP understood that it should cherish the good relationship between the teams. With that, it would be without advancing in the business.

Today, the termination penalty for shirt 8 for teams from abroad is 30 million euros (around R$ 158.7 million at the current price). On the other hand, in domestic transfers the value drops to R$ 14 million. The 18-year-old athlete’s current contract with Cruz-Maltino is valid until August 2023.

After scoring two of the four goals in the carioca victory over CRB in São Januário, Andrey tried to talk about the backstage of the contract renewal: “The renovation is underway, I’m looking to focus more and more on the field to bring joy to the fans, just like I was able to do today”, replied the young man in the mixed zone.

Therefore, there will be a possibility of fairer figures to be established in the new contract, ensuring that Vasco has room to negotiate better with teams from Brazil that are interested. Born in 2004, the jewel from Vasco is part of a generation of talents that Brazilian football has revealed in Meiuca.

Absolute holder of CRVG, Andrey Santos has approval from the Palmeiras, who praised the player’s performance on Thursday night (28). In 19 games in the current season, the vast majority for the Brasileirão Serie B, he is one of the pillars of the Admiral’s midfieldbeing closely watched by teams like Barcelona.

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