Timão has more chances than Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil

In the first game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, Corinthians lost 2-0 to Atlético-GO away from home and Flamengo was in a goalless draw against Athletico-PR at Maracanã. In Walter Casagrande’s opinion, despite the disadvantage on the scoreboard, Timão has more chances of reaching the semifinals than Rubro-Negro. The return games will take place on August 17, with reversed field orders.

At the Red Card #21broadcast this Friday (29) by UOL Esporte, columnists Juca Kfouri, José Trajano and Walter Casagrande discussed the duels of the Copa do Brasil. Casagrande said that Hurricane, which was dominated by Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro, will have a different attitude in the Arena da Baixada and will be a quarry in the boot of Gabigol and company.

“Flamengo’s situation is very difficult, Athletico’s team is very strong, well trained by Felipão, they will play at home, they have the leadership of Fernandinho now, who is a player who played almost 10 years at a high level at Manchester City. Flamengo has more cast, it’s a more technical team, but it’s going to be very difficult to play in the Arena.”

“Corinthians are very strong at home, but they need to worry about the counterattack, Atlético will close down and play on the counterattack, Corinthians’ defense is not that new, it’s very experienced, with great players, but with advanced age. Corinthians have to be careful, but they are more likely to pass than Flamengo”, analyzed Casão.

According to Trajano, Corinthians are the favorites to reverse the disadvantage in Itaquera, and Athletico-PR were lucky to leave Maracanã with a draw, given the flurry of goals lost by Flamengo.

“Team by team, Corinthians has all the conditions to overcome, but in this first game Corinthians didn’t play anything. Felipão went to Maracanã to hold and play for the result, but Flamengo was unlucky, created many chances.”

Juca also believes that the Flamengo mission away from home is more complicated than the Corinthians mission in front of the faithful crowd. “It will be less difficult for Corinthians to pass than Flamengo, although Atlético-GO are undefeated in Itaquera and they won last year in Itaquera, but last year is past.”

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