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And that, after Portugal, the cast of the soap opera written by Gloria Perez and with the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonça Filho landed in Maranhão.

This Friday, 7/29, Mauro posted a behind-the-scenes photo in which he appears directing Chay Suede and Marcos Caruso on social media.

The director celebrated the partnership with the duo:

“New days. New partners.”

Recordings in Maranhão!

Chay Suede posed in the dunes of the region behind the scenes of the recordings – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The forecast is that part of the cast of the soap opera will spend about four weeks recording in the region.

In addition to Chay and Caruso, names such as Lucy Alves and Drica Moraes also shoot scenes of the project in the state.

The capital São Luiz is one of the cities that are in the itinerary of the feuilleton.

Chay Suede warned his followers about his fate in the coming days – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Since arriving in Maranhão, Chay has been sharing with fans some of his routine in the region.

The actor posted a photo on the plane, at the elevator door, training at the hotel and Lençóis Maranhenses.

Chay Suede shared the montage on social media — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Chay Suede took that post-workout selfie at the hotel — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“‘Training in the hotel room, online and without equipment”, wrote the actor on the networks.

Chay Suede took that selfie in the bathroom mirror — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Chay Suede — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Chay Suede poses at Lencóis Maranhenses – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

First stop: Portugal!

The recordings of “Travessia” began and the kick-off was given on the other side of the Atlantic.

The actors Vanessa Giacomo, Alexandre Nero, Romulo Estrela, Rodrigo Lombardi and Guilherme Cabraltogether with the soap opera team, landed in Portugal, where they recorded the first scenes of the plot.

While in Lusitanian lands, Vanessa recorded some takes backstage.

Curious? Play the video below!

Lisbon postcards serve as the setting for 'Travessia', the next 9 o'clock soap opera

Lisbon postcards serve as the setting for ‘Travessia’, the next 9 o’clock soap opera

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